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   Chapter 1723 Cunning

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A crack had appeared on Zen's forehead, which quickly ran down to his neck and body.

It looked much like what you'd find on a porcelain vase that fell onto the ground. It was a narrow crack, but a trickle of blood slowly flowed out from it. It was frightening to behold, as if Zen had been cut in half down the middle.

However, his clothes remained completely undamaged. It was such an absurd thing.

Despite the horrible appearance, the injury wasn't so serious though.

The problem was how Nathan's spear had managed to cause such damage in the first place. It was unbelievable!

His spear had sent out a purple flash of light, which had defused both Zen's Gods-intimidating Strike and the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike. Although the light hadn't looked powerful at all, it had caused Zen's impressively strong body to split when it flashed past his ear.

This was beyond everyone's wildest imagination.

Zen's eyes flickered with doubt as he stared fixedly at Nathan.

The might of his spear was simply too frightening.

If he had been directly hit by Nathan's spear, would his body have been shattered into pieces?

He couldn't imagine how Nathan's spear skill was actually that great.

"I was right! His attack is just as powerful as I predicted earlier!"

Kurt remarked and a brief look of admiration flashed on his face as he stared unblinkingly at Nathan.

He could now understand why he had foreseen a despairing scene of himself before when he fought against Nathan.

Kurt wouldn't have been able to dodge Nathan's spear thrusts, nor could he withstand them. If he hadn't admitted defeat earlier, he too would have been shattered into pieces.

"Why is Nathan's spear so powerful?"

"Indeed, it's incredible. It seems to contain some special power."

"I can hardly believe my own two eyes. His attack had only flashed past Zen's face, but it almost split his body apart. What the hell is this spear skill of his capable of?"

Many warriors commented and murmured with astonishment, as they watched the fight. Nathan was well-known as the number one Godly Genius, but that was the only thing that most people knew about him. Few warriors had seen this legendary warrior up close by themselves, so his skills remained a secret to the world.

Everyone knew that he was a powerful warrior, but no one could tell why he was the best out of all of the warriors.

However, this single attack from Nathan had revealed one thing to most of the watching crowd — his power was something far beyond their knowledge. They could not even begin to understand what his power was at all.

Only a few of the Supreme Lords could understand it. Everyone else, including the world lords and the Saint Lords couldn't comprehend the magnitude of his power.

"Did he use the Space Law?"

"It didn't look like that. It's true that the Space Law would have had a similar effect of defusing Zen's sword intent. However, it would have caused a black crack, because the power would shatter the space and reveal the shadow on the back of space."

"They are in the Illusion Battlefield! The back of space doesn't exist there."

Many knowledgeable warriors

that he stood a chance against Nathan.

After half a minute or so, Zen suddenly stopped in his tracks and stared hard at Nathan with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

"Have you finally thought it through?" Nathan continued to ridicule him.

Zen shook his head and slightly lifted his lips into a devious smile.

"So, surrender or die?" Nathan asked, impatient now.

Zen shook his head again and suddenly gave a broad grin. He pointed up into the sky and then down at the ground, with a crafty glint in his eyes.

Nathan raised his head curiously and saw many profound law fragments spinning in the air, exuding the full might of the heavens. That was the sign of a Thunder Tribulation, which had just been formed after Zen's establishing of a connection between heaven and earth!

"Thunder Tribulations! And so many! Oh, damn!"

Nathan cursed loudly and tried to scramble from his position, but it was already too late.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A dozen circles appeared under his feet and as they layered together they limited his movements.


The divine lightning surged down like countless silver snakes and enveloped Nathan in a bright light.

The power of the Thunderbolt Annihilation was magnificent. However, it was very difficult to secretly prepare it. This cultivation method was actually more suitable for creating traps.

Admittedly, Nathan had lowered his guard because he thought that Zen was just moving around him like Kurt had done.

However, what Nathan didn't know, was that Kurt could predict his attacks through his Constellation Eyes, and thus he knew he had no chance of defeating him. As a result, he chose instead to give up the fight and he then immediately admitted defeat.

Unlike Kurt, Zen had no Constellation Eyes to predict the future. It still remained unknown who would finally win this fight. As he circled around Nathan, Zen had secretly drawn his chaotic energy from inside his body and prepared a trap on the board.

Eleven bolts of Thunderbolt Annihilation were equivalent to eleven heavenly tribulations. They were a heavy blow even to Nathan.

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