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   Chapter 1722 The Weird Spear

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None of the top ten warriors in the Illusion Battlefield showed any weakness.

Their strength, cultivation methods, skills, and speed all reached the peak of the Soul Sea Realm.

If they showed even a hint of a weak point, their opponent would seize the chance to bring them down.

It was just like Cindy's dream—while she was almost invincible in her dream, her own strength wasn't that remarkable.

When the dream was broken, she would be left like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Nathan's physical body was not as tough as Zen's, but it was extremely tenacious. After taking Zen's punch head-on, he didn't get hurt at all.

For a moment, Nathan was stunned as he fell onto the board. But just then, as if an idea suddenly came to him, a satisfied smile surfaced on his face.

"I really shouldn't be speaking nonsense with you here," Nathan said as he shook his head. "Things like fate shouldn't be announced, to begin with. Time can prove it well enough. Maybe the fate displayed on the board can only be verified after many years. But things like your defeat…I can verify that immediately."

With that, Nathan's aura gradually changed.

He held his spear casually as he took slow steps toward Zen from the edge of the board.

Every time he took a step forward, his aura seemed to increase. It was as if there was something invisible attached to his body.

Although he walked slowly, his actual speed was by no means slow. If one took a closer look, they would see that after taking every step, he'd somehow glide along the board as if he were walking on ice.

In Zen's eyes, Nathan was a giant approaching.

While he wasn't as tall as a giant, his powerful aura made him seem like he towered over everyone.

In Zen's previous battle, he possessed the cross crystal, and his aura was akin to that of a True God. But his suppressive force was applied only to the Godly Geniuses on the Heaven Earth Board.

But Nathan was different.

When his aura suddenly increased, it could even affect the people outside the picture.

Outside the bounds of the picture stroll, countless martial artists stared at Nathan, dumbfounded. Under the suppression of his aura, their hearts began racing.

But even though the aura was strong, its influence was still limited.

Before such a majestic aura, Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists only felt some pressure.

When the many world lords faced this aura, their faces revealed only a trace of confusion. They were puzzled by how Nathan, a Soul Sea Realm warrior, managed to even slightly shake their state of mind.

From the moment he entered the Heaven Earth Board, Nathan hadn't yet displayed his full strength.

The opponents he faced had either been sen

s expression turned solemn. "What a tyrannical spear art! It actually shattered the sword light!"

"Zen's sword light was actually shattered?!"

"But it's a beam of light. How can that be shattered?"

"There will always be mysteries in this universe that we cannot understand. We must learn to respect them."

While 99% of people in the entire universe had already seen this strange phenomenon, no one was sure of what it meant.

"Damn it!"

After the spear light shattered Zen's Gods-intimidating Strike, it continued to rush towards him.

And at this moment, Zen didn't hesitate at all.

If he hesitated for even a moment, he would have been easily struck by the spear light and split into two.

"Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike!"

It was an enhanced version of the Gods-intimidating Strike.

While it was Zen's strongest strike, it was only used to counter this unremarkable purple spear light.


The boundless chaotic energy then fused with the Metal Law and surged up once again.

Zen's sword strike should be enough to offset a thousand purple spear lights.

This sword strike that mixed with chaotic energy shot out before colliding with the spear light. In an instant, another explosion resounded in Zen's ears.


Another unimaginable crack appeared on the sword light.

Then, it dissipated.

Once again, the wisp of purple spear light shot out from Zen's sword light and continued pressing toward him as if it were a ghost from hell, continuing to bite down on Zen without the slightest hint of dispersing.


As it shot over, Zen tilted his head to the side at a crucial moment. The purple spear light grazed right past his ear, piercing his earlobe.

But just then, Zen heard another crack.

This time, the explosive sound came from his very own body.

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