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   Chapter 1721 Bickering

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There was a dull thud when Zen landed on the board, which meant that the black stone landed on the board as well.

Nathan had also landed on the board, so the white stone had landed too.

Their movements caused a series of new, fascinating moves on the board. After the white stone had landed, it connected with the other white stones and the situation was quickly reversed.

The "dragon" that black stones had destroyed a while ago now appeared again.

In addition, Nathan's stone was the icing on the cake.

"What a move! It seems that you are destined to lose this battle," Nathan said with a smile. "And look over there."

He stretched out a finger and pointed towards a few stones. "Margaret played all those stones. They were originally blocked off from each other, but now they're interconnected and have formed the trend of love, whose target is me."

Zen knew that this man wouldn't be saying anything good. He couldn't see any sign of the trend of love at all!

"And then?" Zen asked indifferently. He almost rolled his eyes, but Nathan swelled with pride.

Nathan then answered, "My fate is to be guided by the heavens. I don't know if you understand the logic behind it, but these fate deductions will happen and I will definitely make history. As the saying goes, the trend of the heavens is irresistible; those who submit will prosper, and those who resist shall perish. You won't be able to resist it."


His hand went behind him and drew out the spear. The spear's tip suddenly trembled and stirred non-stop. "If you know your situation and what to do, then you clearly shouldn't make things difficult for Margaret."

Zen's face couldn't help but twitch. 'This guy is so shameless!' he thought. Suddenly, his train of thought was interrupted by a shouting voice.

"Hey! I don't know you, so stay away from Zen and me!" Opposite them was Margaret, whose face was red with anger.

Nathan had been acting really weird since she first met him, but she could let that slide. However, he was now advising Zen to leave her.

She could tolerate some of his issues, but the fact that Nathan had actually asked Zen to leave her made her burst her bubble. "You think that the heavens are on your side, and no one will stop you. But I'm Zen's wife. Stop drooling over me! You think I'll fall in love with you? Ha-ha! What nonsense are you talking about? The universe is so big, but I'm afraid it won't be able to make up for your empty brain."

As a wo

didn't choose to dodge.

Nathan fought like a madman as he drowned Zen in a barrage of head-on attacks. However, Zen wasn't afraid of anyone in close combat.


There was a muffled sound as Zen's fist, which was filled with the power of dragon scales, landed straight on the spear's end.

It was true that Nathan's spear technique was strong. From the looks of it, he seemed like a spear expert. Since his spear bounced back, he used the window of opportunity to turn it around and aim it at Zen's face.

His spear was extremely long and narrow. If Zen had gotten hit, it would feel like a cut from a blade. Furthermore, Nathan's spear was a supreme divine weapon after all. It would really hurt Zen badly if the spear were to hit him.

Of course, Nathan was unhappy and naturally wanted to vent his anger out on Zen.

He didn't care if this method could deal with Zen or not. What was important was he would get to release his anger. Right now.

Yet before the spear could pierce Zen, the broken sword in Zen's hand suddenly swung by itself and pushed away the spear. The strong impact also pushed Nathan back a little.

Zen immediately took advantage of Nathan's minor setback, and threw a punch straight at his face.

Nathan didn't expect the punch at all. He was caught off-guard and hit the corner of the board. He floated in the air for a long while before he slowly slid back down on the board.

Zen had undoubtedly used a great deal of strength which had sent Nathan flying, but the man wasn't injured. Zen was amazed. 'He seems like he has steel tendons and bones of iron. I wonder what kind of physique he has, ' he thought.

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