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   Chapter 1720 Fight For The First Place

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Kurt's Buddhist heart was extremely stable.

Back in the Hidden Spirit Temple, there was an ancient bell. Each time this bell was rung, the six realms of existence would appear as an illusion and create endless cycles of reincarnation.

The temperance of one's heart meant entering the six paths of reincarnation.

The Hidden Spirit Temple's core disciples were the only ones qualified to enter the ancient bell's interior and ring it once a month.

This process helped them cultivate and temper their Buddhist heart.

The illusion of six realms was unforgiving. It was something that truly tested a disciple's Buddhist heart in ways one could not even begin to describe. But if disciples went into it more than once in a month, it might shatter their hearts in the process.

However, Kurt was different. Instead of once a month, he rang the bell every day for four hundred consecutive days!

When he left, his heart was understandably stronger and much more stable than others.

Kurt was the only one who had done and could sustain such an ordeal.

It could be said that he had the most stable heart out of all the disciples in the Hidden Spirit Temple. Nothing could shake him, except perhaps the scene right in front of him.

No amount of ringing the ancient bell could ever prepare his heart for something like this. What Kurt comprehended was great wisdom and tremendous courage that bordered on pure fearlessness.

However, Nathan's strike seemed to have the ability to destroy the Buddhist heart!

His vision of the future had been extremely grim and it was soon about to come true!

Nathan would indeed be able to kill him with a single spear strike!

This event would happen in the next nine seconds and each second he spent thinking about it made his chest feel stuffy. It felt as if a heavy hammer was slamming itself down his Buddhist heart. The knowledge of his imminent destruction made Kurt turn a pale shade of white.

Nathan, on the other hand, remained calm as he held onto his spear.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

Kurt continued to revolve around Nathan.

Meanwhile, Nathan simply stood in his spot, spear still aimed at Kurt.

This went on for ten more rounds.


The battle had been at an initial standstill. However, this quickly changed the moment Kurt spat out a mouthful of blood and stopped moving.

This scene astonished the warriors outside.

"The two of them haven't even fought yet so how in the world did Kurt get injured?"

"I have no idea. I'm just getting more and more confused..."

"Could it be that Nathan knows some kind of evil martial art?"

The last assumption was highly unlikely to be true. Ordinary evil martial arts wouldn't have worked in these circumstances.

Also, Nathan was not someone who would practice such a thing since it wasn't in his character to make use of such despicable tricks.

Kurt stood still to stabilize himself. He then put his hands together and closed his eyes.

The future still hadn't changed and no matter where Nathan attacked, the result would still be th

that much experience and cultivation to pose as a threat against those geniuses.

Lavender sat on one side of the octagonal pavilion and dipped a toe in the water. This caused a small ripple to appear on the surface that she found herself staring at as she got lost in her thoughts.

She was not normally like this. Even she herself knew that this wasn't really her normal personality. She had only gotten like this because of Zen and staying by his side for so many years.

She was no longer the Queen of Killings. Instead, she was now a woman who seldom cared about anything and was extremely reliant on Zen for everything.

Back in the Illusion Battlefield, Nathan once again stood on the Heaven Earth Board.

He was extremely wary of Zen, having observed the battle between him and Rocher.

Zen's extremely cold internal momentum had the capacity to suppress his warrior spirit. At that moment, Nathan's indestructible confidence wavered.

Even a True God wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

That split second of influence caused Nathan to suddenly doubt his life's struggle and effort.

Fortunately, the aura around Zen disappeared after a few seconds.

Nathan had no idea how Zen did that. It was as if this ability of him had been forced out by Rocher earlier. However, Zen didn't seem to have the ability to control it.

Nathan observed the situation very carefully and noticed the split-second doubt that appeared in Zen's face.

It was alright.

Even if Zen's sword was powerful, he still had a chance to defeat him.

"Clap, clap!"

Two stones were placed on the Heaven Earth Board as the two of them landed on its surface.

The sight of where the stones landed filled Nathan with joy. He almost couldn't believe his luck!

Zen couldn't help but frown when he noticed the joy on his opponent's face. He had heard Nathan talk nonsense because of the stone placement previously and it made Zen very unhappy.

"It seems like I have no shortage of lucky chances in my life," Nathan said as he laughed out loud.

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