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   Chapter 1719 Killed Nine Seconds Later

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Some gamblers in the universe had bet on Zen. They were thrilled to win the riches out of the blue.

However, be it the losers, the winners, or the dealers, none of them knew that this was going to be their very last carnival.

It was the last peaceful period for the martial artists of the one hundred thousand supreme worlds. Soon, the entire universe would fall into panic and crisis.

"Aye! This battle is indeed exciting!"

"Can a world lord break Zen's sword strike?"

"Hah! You must be joking! In the end, Zen is only a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. It is impossible for him to defeat a world lord who is three realms higher."

"Indeed! However, to be honest, the idea that this sword strike could kill a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior is truly unthinkable! Zen is only at the Soul Sea Realm!"

After Zen won the battle with Rocher, the two of them sat on their stones with their eyes closed in meditation.

They did it to recover their life vitality or chaotic energy and also calm their minds.

In this sort of battle, where one's capability was used to the limits, this was the most convenient way to receive some epiphany.

Before this, although Rocher's sword attack had not been able to block Zen's, which was almost like a True God's, it had still been a welcome boost to his mental state.

After he absorbed some life vitality jades, he sank into deep thought.

Zen's recovery was relatively troublesome.

Chaotic energy was far more solid than life vitality. Although Zen had absorbed a great deal of life vitality jades and transformed the life vitality into chaotic energy, it was like a drop of water in a bucket.

In fact, because of the characteristics of chaotic energy, it could completely devour all living things and transform them into chaotic energy.

But now that Zen was bound to the stone, it was unsuitable for him to do so.

He had used up nearly half of his life vitality jades and only restored about one fifth of his chaotic sea. If nothing went wrong, there would occur a final battle for him.

That would depend on the outcome of Nathan and Kurt's battle.

If Nathan defeated Kurt, he would have to face Zen and compete for first place in the Illusion Battlefield.

On the other hand, if Nathan lost to Kurt, he would have to fight Rocher for the second place. Regardless of Nathan's victory or defeat in his battle against Rocher, Zen would immediately be promoted to first position.

"However it ends, I still need to replenish my chaotic energy," Zen murmured. His face revealed some distress. "What exactly is that cross crystal?"

After defeating Rocher, the crystal had disappeared from Zen's inner world in a flash.

The chaotic energy that had formed the round plate also scattered away.

It was as i

t he couldn't use his weapon?"

Nathan and Rocher were different. Rocher always carried a sword on his back and seldom used it, so people naturally questioned it. At the same time, they regarded it as him putting on an act.

However, Nathan did not reveal his weapon. His palm strike was already so sharp that people had thought that he would go up against all his opponents with his bare hands.

Some martial artists practiced special cultivation methods, such as the specialized palm and fist techniques. It was not strange for them not to use a weapon.

Thus, Nathan taking out the spear was rather puzzling.

The moment he took out his spear, Kurt, calm as ever, stepped on a stone and pushed it with a tremendous force. He had attacked first.

"The little monk is no longer calm!"

"He is doomed. In a battle like this, whoever gets anxious first will lose."

"That might not be the case. Who knows, maybe Nathan is weaker."

Amidst the discussion of the crowd, Kurt rushed toward Nathan, who was holding his spear high.

During this rapid sprint, Kurt's figure suddenly stopped. He stopped so suddenly that even the martial artists watching the painting failed to keep up.

Kurt, who had come to a halt, suddenly retreated by over a hundred feet before changing his angle to sprint ahead. Then, he came to a stop once again.

On the other hand, Nathan only held a spear in his hand as he faced Kurt. If Kurt changed his angle, Nathan only moved slightly and adjusted the direction of his spear. Hints of confidence and indifference hung on his face.

Kurt was able to foresee with the Constellation Eyes.

He adjusted his position more than ten times. No matter which way he rushed, he foresaw a scene that would happen nine seconds later with the help of Constellation Eyes.

He saw the scene of him getting killed by Nathan.

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