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   Chapter 1718 Heaven Opening Sword Book

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Since Zen had never stepped into the Godly Way, his Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike had never been completed and it still had a flaw.

He also knew that the sword in his hand was doing its utmost to make up for this flaw.

But since this flaw was from his Emotion Closing Godly Way, something he had yet to completely comprehend, it was impossible for the sword to completely fix the flaw.

What was more, Rocher's sword was way too sharp, beyond anyone's imagination.

His keen observation of Zen's flaw had helped him break Zen's Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike pretty easily.

However, things were different at the moment.

He could sense that the cold power had an incomparably powerful internal momentum.

And it wasn't from the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

But the internal momentum had almost made up for the flaw once it had been infused into the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike.

Perhaps it could no longer be described as making up.

The internal momentum was far purer and much more powerful than Zen's Emotion Closing Godly Way.

So much that it had completely changed the attributes of Zen's sword.

Zen slashed his sword at Rocher, causing an immense coldness to emanate from the sword.

The sword light was divided into three layers. While the outermost layer was the icy blue sword light, the innermost layer contained the Metal Law and chaotic energy, and thus was the metal and gray sword light.

As he faced this strike, the fighting spirit in Rocher's eyes exploded like two balls of flames and

had begun to burn.

It was close to impossible for him to resist this blow.

But just because he could not resist it didn't mean that he would give up.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed the Soaring Snake Sword as his other hand swept towards the edge of the sword.

Boiling hot blood burst into the air in a fountain, clotting almost instantly.

The Heaven Earth Board was freezing, with the temperature as low as it could get.

Rocher's eyebrows furrowed as a flame appeared in his hand. He grabbed the blood clot and melted it, using the blood as the paints.

Thirteen blood runes appeared before him in the air

with a hiss.

All these blood runes were Rocher's blood essence.

Activating these blood runes with his blood essence was also a method he had learnt from Chiyou's treasure.

Soon after they were formed, the blood runes began to rise rapidly into the air, forming streams of blood mist that began to swirl around the Soaring Snake Sword.

The moment he gripped his sword, a blood-red light, filled with Rocher's will, shot up into the sky.

Rocher's face, which was originally pale, turned blood-red as his aura changed abruptly.

At this, Rocher's mind filled with memories of what he had witnessed.

The first year of the breaking of the chaos.

Ever since the chaos had been broken, it had only been a divine era.

Chiyou said it was too crowded here.

The Creating Axe had shattered years ago and

to open up more space was simply too difficult.

Then, Chiyou climbed to the top of the grand tower, fused the Soarin

, the scene before them began to tremble violently.

The two streaks of sword light did not have the time to enter a stalemate. It took only an instant for the stronger strike to become obvious.

Rocher was unable to break Zen's strike.

He could not break the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike, which had been sealed with the complete Godly Way.

Zen's sword attack had been executed with the help of the power of the Instant Godly Tile.

Zen was still far from being able to compete with a True God, but he was definitely not someone Rocher could contend with.

The icy-blue sword light slashed through Rocher's Flawless South Strike like a pair of scissors.

Every scene was shattered and cries of alarm rang throughout the universe at this.

This beauty had been short-lived, just like fireworks had only bloomed for an instant.

Many martial artists closed their eyes. They didn't want to acknowledge that the scene was broken.

The Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike had struck through the wonderland.

Rocher was still brandishing his sword, reeling from being unable to withstand the attack. But he still wanted to use the edge of his sword to tear at Zen's sword light.

But when he swung his sword downwards, it did not even break through the icy blue layer on the sword light.

And before he knew it, the sword light had pierced through his chest.

There was no sign of regret on Rocher's face.

He had already done his best and in the end, had lost to Zen. But even though he had lost to Zen, fighting Zen would still be a joyful thing to him.

One couldn't lose one's target and Zen had been one of Rocher's most important targets.

He believed that such an opportunity would present itself to him again.

Zen had won this battle!

This had depressed a lot of people in the universe.

They hadn't believed in Zen's strength and had seemed to believe more in Rocher.

All big and small bankers in the universe would make a fortune in this round.

On the other hand, the gamblers who had bet on Rocher were on the verge of tears.

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