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   Chapter 1717 The Instant Godly Tile

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The piece of crystal was a cross with sharp edges.

Its entire body was suffused with an illusory blue light, as if it were a ten thousand-year-old block of mysterious ice.

If Zen looked into his inner world, he would see the crystal float in the air within it, partly hidden and partly visible.

It twinkled like a star, disappearing and reappearing again in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, the aura that Zen exuded acted the same way.

In that instant, he was like a True God who had descended into this world.

However, in the next moment itself, the aura disappeared without a single trace.

The scene was very strange.

So much so that Rocher did not dare step forward in haste. It would be a rash move on his part.

The strength of that aura made Zen seem as if he were the eye of a storm. If Rocher were to step within a thousand feet of that aura, he would probably be crushed by it.

Even from thousands of feet away, Rocher's heart throbbed incessantly, as if he were in the Land of Extreme Chillness. At the same time, he felt as if he were at the bottom of the deep sea. The ginormous pressure made him unable to breathe.

A wave of his Soaring Snake Sword had it thrust into the board as he stood behind the blade.


A sharp light spread out, accompanied by many ripples.

Rocher felt a bit better using the Soaring Snake Sword to resist Zen's aura. When he looked at Zen, a strange expression entered his eyes, along with a trace of helplessness.

"I know you're not weak, but you shouldn't be so strong either," he murmured.

To Rocher, Zen's aura seemed ridiculously strong.

In addition to Rocher, the few Godly Geniuses who hovered on top of the stones also looked distinctly uncomfortable.

Even though the spaces above the stones were protected by laws, Zen's aura still brought forth a strong sense of oppression to them.

This oppression was not intentional.

It was like a lion had appeared amidst a horde of beasts. Even if the lion remained silent, it proved to be a great deterrent to the surrounding wild beasts.

"What is this?" Zen himself was clueless.

Just now, he had been pushed to the limits by Rocher.

Even his chaotic energy was depleted.

His Emotion Closing Godly Way was not perfect. Losing to Rocher had been unavoidable.

However, just as he had been about to lose, a special understanding had manifested itself in Zen's mind, as if someone had placed a line of thought from outside.

It existed even now, appearing in an instant and disappearing in another.

It was as if someone was inside his inner world, breathing in and out at great speed.

Glancing into his body, Zen could see a bright blue light at the center of his inner world. He saw the flickering crystal there.

A portion of chaotic energy flowed to the bottom of the crystal, forming a circul

ated the internal momentum of the Ice Mirror Godly Way simultaneously. What happened to you, Zen?"

Rocher whispered. He could not figure this out for he did not know enough about the divine land. All his knowledge came from the records of the treasure trove of the Lord of Weapons.

So how could he tell that Zen had activated the Instant Godly Tile?

The Instant Godly Tile only lasted for a moment.

It was true that some True Gods in the divine land could experience such unexpected events. They would originally possess a Godly Tile, but in a short period of time, another Godly Tile would appear. The newly manifested Godly Tile could even take over the Godly Plate.

But there existed a prerequisite for the Instant Godly Tile to appear, and that was for the person to possess a Godly Plate.

If the Instant Godly Tile were to appear in a warrior's inner world without a Godly Plate, its only outcome would be for the inner world to explode straightaway. This meant that the elixir field would shatter. A warrior would then become an ordinary, useless individual.

But when the Instant Godly Tile appeared in Zen's case, a portion of the chaotic energy within him transformed into a Godly Plate to store the tile.

Until now, not a single person in the divine land knew why the Instant Godly Tile had appeared in that instant.

For True Gods, the Instant Godly Tile was not of much use. After all, each one of them already possessed a Godly Tile, and the Godly Ways that they pursued were completely different.

But for Zen, it had been rather useful.

He brandished the sword in his hand again. The internal momentum of the Ice Mirror Godly Way transferred over an icy blue light to the broken sword. The cold energy that lingered around Zen's body changed to an ice lotus flower that gradually unfolded its petals.

A wisp of sword intent had already condensed itself into a form.

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