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   Chapter 1716 The Perfect Opponent

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Despite this, Zen was not even the least bit discouraged.

The chaotic energy appeared once again...

His Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike slashed out again!

It was accompanied by the keen roar of the sword!


Rocher was at a distance of only ten feet from Zen.

Thus Zen could instantly close on him!

As Rocher's hand raised, the sword beam, like a silver python, once again darted forward to cleave apart Zen's Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike!

The sword light split in two, harmlessly falling either side of Rocher, and he still stood in front of Zen.



The chaotic energy in Zen's body was being rapidly consumed...

It wasn't that Zen was weak either.

Once activated with chaotic energy, even an ordinary cultivation method would become much more powerful than others!

Besides, Zen had acquired enlightenment from Lone's sword. The sword skill he had mastered could utilize the chaotic energy.

This sword technique was rather simple, with only a few sword strike moves. However, the power contained within each move had already far surpassed the power of other sword skills at the same level anywhere in the universe...

However, Rocher was simply proving too strong...

Zen was unaware of the matter that Chiyou had become a Holy Being, the seven inheritances from the Lord of Weapons, or the mission that Rocher carried upon his shoulders!

He only knew that he needed to think of a way to defeat Rocher.

"How tragic! Being constantly suppressed by Rocher, there's no chance for Zen to win any advantage at all."

"I can tell that he really wants to win..."

"Rocher's strength is much more powerful than Nathan's!"

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

This time, Zen didn't use his sword...

The Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike's invincibly sharp aura was the most powerful weapon at his disposal.

However, this aura wasn't fully consummated, and his sword intent hadn't manifested at its top level either.

Using the Soaring Snake Sword in his hand, Rocher split the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike as if he were flaying the skin off it.

However, if one were to observe carefully, they would have seen that Rocher slashing Zen's strike had been very coincidental...

He was slashing towards the right side of the sword light.

Zen's sword move had been executed by taking advantage of the Metal Law that supported the use of chaotic energy. Although the Metal Law and the energy had fused together, they were still slightly incongruent, revealing a flaw in them.

If Rocher's sword strike should cut into that flaw, he would be able to easily slice it apart!

But if Zen could activate 36 lotus petals and step into the Emotion Closing Godly Way, then he would be able to fully eliminate this flaw.

Unfortunately, Zen had not yet reached the Emotion Closing Godly Way nor become a Godly Genius.

As Zen's eyes flashed, a small amount of starlight appeared in his

d fortitude, and he could withstand this kind of injury.

Rocher was already close to him, and at the very least, he wouldn't be at a great disadvantage when it came to sword moves!

"Ding, ding, ding, ding..."

However, from now on, a large number of bloody gashes appeared on Zen's body every time he fended off Rocher's attacks. It was a shocking sight to behold, and not a single part of Zen's body was left unscathed.

"It can be over now..."

There was not a single trace of mercy in Rocher's eyes. However, if Zen chose to admit defeat, he would, of course, stop attacking him.

However, if Rocher held back his strength from his attacks, it would be the greatest insult to Zen.

At this moment, Rocher had completely gained the upper hand. As long as he continued dominating with his full strength, Zen would definitely be defeated, should the situation continue.


"Activate all the dragon scales!"

A majestic force was suddenly released from Zen's hand.

After resisting Zen's returning sword strike, Rocher scampered backward for ten thousand feet. The force behind that strike was simply too great, so he had no choice but to retreat to avoid getting obliterated by it.

Unfortunately, the power of dragon scales did not prove that effective in facing Rocher.

Rocher could travel through the distance of ten thousand feet in an instant, and he thought it was already pointless for Zen to resist.

However, Zen, who had been in the state of Emotion Closing, was like a lifeless puppet. He used his simplest thoughts to search for the method of defeating Rocher!

Even though he might not defeat Rocher, he definitely wouldn't give up.

However, just as Rocher was about to move forward for the killing stroke, Zen, who was floating in midair motionlessly, suddenly emitted a strangely reinforced will...

At this moment, a tiny glowing crystal had appeared like a shining star above the center of Zen's internal world!

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