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   Chapter 1715 A Big Gap

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In this world, some people were purely opponents, while others were both friends and opponents.

Zen was one of the latter, and Rocher was clear on this point.

Zen looked at the broken sword beside him.

The color of the sword was dim, and its body was somewhat broken. It now looked like an ordinary metal sword.

The Otherworldly Swordsman had used it many times.

In this fight, it would also be a useful weapon for Zen.

Taking a step forward, he firmly grasped the sword in his hand.

The moment he touched the broken sword, he felt a strange thought connect with him through the blade.

The thought strikingly did not convey any particular message as it merely made Zen feel rather friendly.

And this denoted that the sword had an undeniably strong sword spirit.

Zen had only temporarily activated the sword, and the sword spirit hadn't proactively communicated with him. They had come to a tacit understanding and were cooperating only for now.

When he raised the sword, he realized that he seemed to be holding a feather. It was so light against his grip as if he was holding nothing.

Explicitly, Zen was not used to such a light sword. No one would be willing to take a feather-like weapon to fight the enemy.

Zen felt an unexpected emotion that suddenly took him by surprise. There was an exceedingly comfortable and heavy feeling transmitted from his hand as he waved his sword once, in a circular motion.

"How clever!" It turned out that the sword would adjust its weight according to Zen's movements.

Whir! After waving his sword for a while, Zen held it horizontally and nodded towards Rocher.

He had learned a lot from this battle with Rocher and gained new insights into his swordsmanship. However, this did not mean that he would lose to Rocher.

Rocher faintly smiled as the Soaring Snake Sword rose once again.

And the white light that became visible under his feet was like mercury, spreading out in all directions.

The light quickly spread all the way down, covering the cross point in the middle of Heaven Earth Board, the many stones on it, the entire board, and finally, Zen's feet.

It was clear as water that the imposing aura emitted from Rocher's body was undoubtedly incomparable!

The Justice Godly Way was about a type of supreme faith.

Although Karl had already stepped into the Godly Way, he had gone off course. Thus, his sense of justice was quite bigoted. Most people thought that he had been insane.

The sword stood right in front of Rocher's face, and his eyes flashed with searing light.

Everyone could perceive that Rocher was going to end this battle.

He had held the advantage right from the very beginning.

Consequently, all the people in the universe, including many world lords and Supreme Lords, thought and somehow expected that he would win.

Zen merely took a deep breath.

Then the chaotic energy in his body surge

cene, and Margaret was also silent.

They had never seen Zen lose when he fought with the powerhouses at his realm.

In this universe, Zen was not even at a disadvantage.

And by chance, he would incidentally lose to Rocher in the end. The two women could not help but sigh in their hearts at the wonders of fate.

Still, everyone was in awe observing Rocher's speed, which was incredibly fast as he made his way towards Zen. The sword light of Zen's Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike split into two halves, subsequently slicing two ravines on the Heaven Earth Board.


The two swords collided.

This time, Zen had never been at a disadvantage when it came to his sword moves as his body was adept with the rhythm of the sword fight. However, in terms of his aura, he was far inferior.

Bang! Bang!

Zen quickly retreated a few steps sideways. With a twist of his sword, he began to charge up his second sword attack.

Rocher's mind adamantly refused to give him another chance.

Under the light, soft wavelike ripples spread out.

Zen instinctively retreated his feet to the other side, but in that instant, countless bloody scars appeared on one of his arms.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Zen's arm looked like it had been filed. His wounds appeared densely arranged. His blood outlined these wounds, and they strangely mimicked the wavelike ripples released by Rocher.

If it weren't for the fact that Zen's body was a divine weapon, his arm would have already been shattered to pieces.

Rocher did not pause in the slightest as another ripple spread out.

The speed was so swift that Zen was left with no time to dodge at all.


This time, it hit Zen's face.

Sadly, Zen looked extremely miserable now as numerous slashes were visible, from his face down to his neck.

A drop of blood slowly dripped into Zen's eyes. If anyone could see closely, he or she would note there was a deep unwillingness in them.

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