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   Chapter 1714 Accident

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The Soaring Snake continued to tremble as the waves weaved themselves into snake scales that emitted light.

More and more snake scales appeared, and they soon formed one giant snake with a single horn--the Soaring Snake.

The Soaring Snake had a brilliantly red body with two wings, and a single horn on its forehead.

Legend said that once it shed its horn, it would become a dragon.

It was also said that there were no dragons in the world, and the first dragon that ever appeared had evolved from a Soaring Snake.


Rocher struggled, but he couldn't control the Soaring Snake because it had shown up on its own.

The Soaring Snake was currently twenty feet long. It spread out its wings and charged towards Zen.

It wasn't interested in eating Zen, but rather the powerful weapon he held in his hand.

The Soaring Snake liked supreme primordial weapons the most, but found supreme chaotic weapons appetizing as well.

Had the snake been a live Soaring Snake, to devour a supreme chaotic weapon would've been fatal. After all, chaotic energy was deadly for a Soaring Snake.

However, this Soaring Snake had already fused with the Soaring Snake Sword. It was now a weapon spirit, so it didn't have to worry about its health.

Despite the Soaring Snake's length, it moved extremely fast.

Its thin tail swayed slightly in the air as it faced the four streaks of sword light Zen had launched.

When the Soaring Snake attacked, Zen's golden sword light streaks were instantly broken.

The Soaring Snake's shadow passed by in front of Zen and before he could react, he felt that something had touched his hand.

He looked at his palm, and the Thunder Wind Divine Sword had disappeared.

His eyes quickly averted to the Soaring Snake, which had his Thunder Wind Divine Sword in its clutches. The Soaring Snake suddenly raised its head and threw the sword into the air.

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword circled in the air and fell downward. In the next moment, the Soaring Snake opened its mouth and ate the sword.


The Soaring Snake hissed above the edge of the Heaven Earth Board before it flew back to Rocher in a flash.

It moved gracefully and unbelievably swift despite its weight. Now, that was the real 'approaching without casting a shadow and leaving without a trace'.

The snake was truly dangerous. Even the Supreme Lords in the universe couldn't help but look at it with trepidation.

Naturally, many people began to desire the Soaring Snake Sword after Rocher's display.

There was no doubt that the four clans wanted to recruit Rocher in order to consolidate their clans' power and fortune in the future.

However, the others had different ideas.

Some people had found that there was a great chance that Rocher's fortune might be related to this sword.

Such a weapon was definitely a powerful one which surpassed al

he end of the Illusion Battlefield. The chaotic energy was highly necessary for the sword to be fixed.

Thus, he wanted to seize this chance for his sword. "Wait!" he shouted.

"Eh?" Zen looked up in confusion.

"This is an important battle. It is unfair for you to use a second rank divine weapon," Lone said with a smile as he raised his sword and threw it towards Zen.


The board usually had a constraining force around it which prevented warriors from leaving.

However, the force had suddenly disappeared.

The broken sword flew towards Zen and landed beside him with a metallic clang.

Although the sword had been damaged, it still emitted a strong sense of tenacity.

Zen knew that this sword was extraordinary and thought that it might be good for him if he used it.

The moment the sword was thrust into the board, Rocher's Soaring Snake Sword began to vibrate once again.

The Soaring Snake seemed to smell the fragrance of a powerful weapon and wanted to get out from Rocher's sword.

Unfortunately for the Soaring Snake, Rocher wouldn't allow it to happen again.

He firmly pressed his thumb on the edge of the Soaring Snake Sword's blade.

The sword's extremely sharp blade glinted under the light.

Of course, it cut the skin of Rocher's thumb.

Rocher then used his thumb as a pen and wrote blood runes on the Soaring Snake Sword's blade. His weapon stopped vibrating.

"No wonder I had to learn the blood seal skill when I got this sword.

This Soaring Snake is really active and annoying," Rocher murmured.

He looked up at Zen once more, a smile on his face.

Had someone else been faced against Zen, the one might've continued to attack Zen and win the battle after the Soaring Snake broke Zen's sword.

However, Rocher wouldn't do such a thing even if he fought an ordinary warrior, not to mention that Zen was the one who stood in front of him right now.

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