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   Chapter 1713 It Was Delicious

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Only the tiniest droplet of sweat rolled down Rocher's temple as he didn't fully exert himself in this fight with Zen.

Besides, he had deliberately imparted the Beginning Swordsmanship to Zen by this sparring session with him.

Perhaps Zen wouldn't be at a disadvantage if he were to spar with Rocher using the sword strikes...

However, that was Rocher's own way of cultivation, not his.

If he wanted to win the fight, he needed to use his own strengths.

He drew out the chaotic energy, which welled up together like clumps of ink and coiled around Zen's meridians. Then, it flowed towards Zen's right arm.

Zen had now controlled the previously overwrought and fidgety sword intent and fixed it firmly on the sword blade.

The sword blade emitted a golden light, which was quickly covered by the grey light. The two light beams mixed together looked like a ray of fireflies in the night sky.

The weapons weren't that important during the fight.

The Soaring Snake was indeed powerful, but the Thunder Wind Divine Sword could also be considered a supreme chaotic weapon after it was mixed with the chaotic energy.

The true competition was between their respective actual strengths.

"They've finally begun to fight!"

"I've already cultivated for one lap, but their fight's only starting now? These two are really so slow in battling..."

"Rocher, come on! Please try your best to win this time. I bet everything on you!"

When Rocher previously saw Zen prepare for the battle, there was a gentle smile on his face. The Soaring Snake quickly rose up to the side of Rocher's face.

"Even though you have comprehended the Emotion Closing Godly Way, it is still not enough. It is far from enough..." Rocher shook his head.

It was known that there were many different types of destinies in this era.

Almost everyone knew that Yan was the one who Zen kept looking for.

She was the North Star that hung in the Northern Sky Region.

The North Star could give direction and guide people to prevent them from getting lost. It pointed towards the right direction with the brightest illumination.

Yan was a star that flickered only for Zen, and guided him all the way to the divine land.

At that moment, Rocher suddenly had a dawning realization.

He believed that his fight with Zen would be very intense.

The battle between them might not be limited to this time. They might fight again soon

intimidating Strike which Zen had mastered wasn't actually the real Gods-intimidating Strike.

The waves spread out in all directions while surrounding Rocher. A small crack appeared on the Heaven Earth Board after the waves had covered it, which grew bigger until the board shattered.

The waves continued to fan out and spread in the air before they finally landed on Rocher's sword.

The four sword strikes Zen had unleashed fused with half of his chaotic energy and were his most powerful trump cards.

Even then, Rocher still looked indifferent as before. When Zen launched his sword attack, Rocher already had a plan on how to deal with him.

But just as Rocher was preparing to defend against Zen's sword strikes, the Soaring Snake suddenly vibrated!


Rocher suddenly looked troubled.

Perhaps the Soaring Snake had been starved for too long. It was already quite irritable and almost broke the sword sheath before. It even wanted to swallow the Otherworldly Swordsman's sword back then.

Rocher had managed to calm it down, but not without great difficulty.

However, the sword was about to burst now. This time, its target was Zen's sword.

The Thunder Wind Divine Sword could be considered a good sword in the universe, but it was still inferior to a supreme divine weapon.

But since Zen had drawn out a massive amount of chaotic energy and fused it with the sword, the sword released an aura that was quite similar to that of a supreme chaotic weapon!

Rocher's sword then felt that this supreme chaotic weapon was even more delicious than the Otherworldly Swordsman's sword.

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