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   Chapter 1712 The Scattered Stones (Part Two)

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This game of Go had all been played by the mysterious woman alone.

She could definitely move all the stones on the Heaven Earth Board if she wanted.

Since Rocher's power scattered some of the stones, and it was a move not made by her, she had all the reason now to reset them.

But after a while, Nathan still didn't see the woman reach out her hand. He dropped his gaze and shook his head.

The mysterious woman hadn't shown much skill and had made the moves quite casually. Nathan speculated that she had played the game intuitively. This natural way of calculating the future was the most accurate. Thus, it was unlikely that she would reset the stones scattered by Rocher and return them to their original positions.

"What a pity," Nathan let out a sigh. Perhaps he was the most reluctant one to see this new drastic change.

According to his calculation of the previous situation on the board, he would become the only dominator of the future, and nobody would be able to fight him.

If things went that way, no matter how masterfully talented Zen and Rocher were, they would all become insignificant characters in the end.

For that sole reason, Nathan felt not worried even if he had witnessed their outstanding talents. Though he might lose to either of them here, he knew that the odds would finally be in his favor.

However, Rocher's move had significantly changed everything. And even his fate had been profoundly affected.

This enigma prompted Nathan to hope that the mysterious woman would reset the stones.

Unfortunately, she didn't show that intention at all, or perhaps she refused even to entertain such a notion.

"I didn't expect that he would even move the stones! That sword, built by C

and boosted their comprehension of the Beginning Swordsmanship to more than fifty percent.

Rocher tightly gripped the sword named Soaring Snake in his hand as his face revealed a look of relief. He had failed to make any improvement for quite a long time. To think of a way to break through his bottleneck, he had been on pins and needles day and night.

Thanks to Zen, he finally inched a step forward.

"Now is the time. Let's go on, Zen!" Rocher said, beaming with a small smile.

They had both managed to achieve a new upswing development, and their sword skill was currently at the same level. Now was the perfect time for them to decide the result of this fight.

Zen nodded slightly in response. Under the influence of the momentum he had just comprehended, Zen felt as if his mind had left his body, and was tossed up in the air. It was a surreal feeling as if he was in a brand new world.

"Alright, let's continue," Zen looked calm on the surface, but a storm was rising inside his chaotic sea.

A large flow of chaotic energy surged like a tornado as it was drawn out of his chaotic sea and circulated violently inside his body.

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