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   Chapter 1711 The Scattered Stones (Part One)

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The sparring match between Zen and Rocher did not stop there.

In this universe, there were myriad different ways of martial arts cultivation.

And it all began first with what was called the self-enlightenment.

The living creatures of this universe created and developed all of the cultivation methods.

The methods of cultivation of the same range all had a common origin. And later on, this was further divided into different branches.

The original cultivation method was derived from warriors' self-enlightenment.

After the self-enlightenment method, the second way of cultivation was to receive an education.

Some warriors generously imparted all of their martial arts comprehension to their disciples. And like a chain effect, these disciples then unselfishly spread out such precious knowledge to more people from generation to generation. For this reason, the emergence and establishment of sects and sacred places flourished.

With cultivation based on the achievements of ancestors, this was a top-down approach. It was more often than not a way of refinement for all living creatures, as it was more widespread.

Then practice and training came third after the first two methods.

Now, this marked the onset of warriors' epiphany. Through engaging themselves in actual combat, warriors could further assess what they had learned. It was also the best way of resolving doubts or gaining new enlightenment.

Those who had epiphanies or revelations during a fight would always benefit a lot. This kind of comprehension through practice and training was also a sort of self-enlightenment.

Rocher could obtain no more comprehension by merely studying the Beginning Swordsmanship. He could only improve through practice and training.

However, after he had ascended to the Upper World, he found out that most kinds of swordsmanship in the universe were crude and infe

uring their fights.

Like for example, the hit of Kurt's Nine-ring Staff, and Lucille's stamp with her tiptoes.

At any rate, none of the warriors had been able to affect these stones. They had remained where the mysterious woman had arranged them. They had never moved from their spots, nor had they been harmed by any attacks.

But now, Rocher's momentum managed to move them.

Because of this disturbance, the calculations about the future, which were confirmed earlier, would also change dramatically.

Many people fixated their gaze on the Heaven Earth Board and observed the new situation unfolded. Immediately, their faces all darkened.

The white stones, which had been tight in defense, now had a big loophole in their territory.

On the other hand, a group of black stones invaded the white stones' territory.

"This is a very dangerous circumstance!"

Nathan's eyes narrowed in astonishment.

"What will happen?" Lawson tilted his head and asked.

Nathan had a solemn expression on his face as he continued to calculate. His calculation was even quite faster than some Supreme Lords.

"The white side will lose. I wonder if that woman will reset the scattered stones." Nathan finished his words, and then he looked up at the sky.

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