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   Chapter 1710 Sharpen The Sword Skill

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Rocher looked incredulously at the scene playing out in front of him.

He found it hard to accept his own speculations about it.

He believed that Zen was very talented and would be slightly stronger than him, but he didn't expect the gap between him and Zen to be so great!

He had tried his best to comprehend and cultivate the Beginning Swordsmanship for twenty years before he finally began to grasp a little bit of it.

However, Zen, too, had grasped it a little bit after only exchanging a few sword strikes with him.

Rocher naturally didn't know that as Zen kept on comprehending, he had taken the simplest sword skill as his foundation and gradually progressed from there.

And the sword skill contained in the Gods-intimidating Strike had the same origins as that of the Beginning Swordsmanship...

As Zen and Rocher fought each other, their strikes formed a complementary momentum, and Zen gradually comprehended the momentum contained within the Beginning Swordsmanship.

"Since you intend to gain comprehension, I will share this opportunity with you!"

In terms of moves, Rocher already had the upper hand with his superior swordsmanship.

This formidable swordsmanship was created not long after the world formed and developed among the primordial chaos. It was the foundation of all the sword skills between heaven and earth.

Following this, numerous kinds of sword skills developed based on the primary one and spread everywhere...

Although Zen's sword skill was extremely simple, it had lost its momentum!

Rocher regarded Zen as his greatest opponent and rightly so.

However, during the skirmish, he didn't care about the fact that Zen comprehended the Beginning Swordsmanship...

His attacks were as sharp and aggressive as ever.

However, his speed had slowed down by 60 percent and his strength had decreased by a whopping 30 percent!

At this point, the purpose of the battle was not competing on sword moves, but rather gaining comprehension together by sparring with each other!

When Zen realized Rocher's motivation, a peculiar look appeared in his eyes.

This was not to say that Rocher would definitely win if he had the advantage in moves.

But Rocher was a stickler for rules. He held an advantage in sword moves, but refused to use this advantage to break through. He was a true gentleman in that sense!

This was Rocher's principle and way of cultivation, and he stood up for his principles!

He had a good sense of right and wrong and was in favor of playing fairly.

"What in God's name are these two doing..."

"Their attacks have suddenly slowed down. It seems like neither of them has any intention of winning. Are they here just to practice the sword skills together?"

"Their swordsmanship is so exquisite!"

The onlookers were quite confused...

Anyone would put up their best fight on the Heaven Earth Board...

The more battles they won, the more power they would gain. All the warriors fought for high rankings in the world of chaos. The higher the rankings they obtained, the greater their chances would improve in the future!

Everyone was scratching their heads wondering why Rocher and Zen were just practicing the sword skills togeth


This opportunity for a miraculous enlightenment such as this was not something most people would encounter in their entire lives...

30 percent...

40 percent...

50 percent...

When Zen had comprehended 50 percent of the Beginning Swordsmanship aided by Rocher's demonstration, it was considered small success!

In the past, Rocher had cultivated the sword skill for three hundred years, though it was only three years to the outside world. Compared to Rocher's cultivation speed, Zen's was innumerably faster!

Talent was just one of the factors, but the main reason why Zen could master the sword skill so fast was that the Beginning Swordsmanship was compatible with Zen's sword technique!

Rather it was almost exactly the same.

He just simplified every complicated move.


Ever since Zen had mastered 50 percent of the Beginning Swordsmanship, his sword began to resonate with this sharp sound!

An invisible aura spread out in all directions, filling the entire Heaven Earth Board...

The warriors outside of the painting could hear the sound, but they couldn't see nor feel its aura.

However, the other eight warriors on the stones of the Heaven Earth Board seemed to have fallen into an illusion created among the chaos. The oppressive aura was not strong, but it gave Nathan and the others a wondrous experience. Not only was the aura grand and imposing, but it also broadened their perceptions.

"What has this guy comprehended? His aura is so overbearing!" Lawson spat indignantly. He was influenced by Zen even when he was standing on a stone. He was irked by this.

"Surely, he must have made a breakthrough on the sword skill!" Nathan said with a frown.

Before that aura spread, Rocher had already retreated several hundred feet back. He cupped his hands and yelled at Zen, "Congratulations!"

"Thank you." Zen nodded, quietly feeling the wonderful momentum humming.

"You're welcome. I did it all for myself..." Rocher smiled faintly as he raised his sword.

He knew very well that if there was no shield in this world that could block the sword, then the sword might be useless.

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