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   Chapter 1709 The Beginning Swordsmanship

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Zen's "No Move" was like a small snake that hovered in the air, poised to strike.

After dodging Rocher's Soaring Snake, it lunged straight for his opponent's face.

Facing this move, Rocher remained as indifferent as before. The Soaring Snake in his hand circled once, as three silver sword lights, like torrents of mercury, shot out from the wake he cut through the air.

Ding, ding, ding!

With three crisp ringing sounds, the three sword lights struck the body of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword.

It was like crushing a snake's head, one grinding step at a time.

With every sword strike by the silver sword lights, the sword intent of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword would weaken a bit.

After three strikes, the sword intent that had originally been condensed on the blade's surface was forcibly dispersed by Rocher.

"Your sword moves do not offer you any advantage," Rocher said with an indifferent shrug.

Zen's Gods-intimidating Strike was indeed powerful, but Rocher's swordsmanship had proven to be even stronger!

What he cultivated was the Beginning Swordsmanship created by the Lord of Weapons himself.

In the universe, there were countless forms of swordsmanship.

However, in the end, all these had evolved from the Beginning Swordsmanship, which was the source of all forms of swordsmanship.

Whether it was speed or sword moves, Zen had been completely undone by Rocher.

However, even though Rocher was clearly a superior swordsman, he did not let his guard down.

He was convinced that it was impossible for Zen to be so weak.

However, after suppressing Zen, Rocher gradually became emboldened, and his attacks increased in intensity, drawing power from his rising bravado.


Accompanying the sound was a brilliant silver sword light.

The Soaring Snake was once again released. The mercury-like sword light began to flicker again as Rocher stepped on the light once more.


As the swords clashed together, the sounds of steel grinding together rang out.

Chop, slash, stab, tap...

The Beginning Swordsmanship was very similar to the basic swordsmanship that Zen had mastered early on.

Indeed, it could be said that it was the complete version of the basic swordsmanship.

Combined with Rocher's innate speed, it appeared to be flawless.

With Rocher now taking the initiative to attack, it was difficult for Zen to avoid his opponent's sword moves. He could only passively defend and was forced to dodge and retreat.

However, Rocher's speed was so fast that he seemed to be dancing with a glittering bolt of lightning. When he had stepped on the light, Zen had alr

ted to the board as the beam of light beneath his feet slowly expanded.

He had felt the momentum within Zen's sword strike—it was the momentum within the Beginning Swordsmanship.

Even though it was still very insignificant, it was already in its infancy.

"Things are getting interesting..."

At this moment, Rocher's eyes seemed to radiate with vigor and he smiled briefly.

Beginning Swordsmanship...

In order to acquire this sword technique, he had spent nearly three years in extensive practice.

It had been three years in the outside world.

In truth, while in the treasure trove of the Lord of Weapons, Rocher had been trapped there for three hundred years. The Time Law there had been altered, and the flow of time there was now at a ratio of 100 to 1.

As the three hundred years had passed, he had repeatedly practiced the Beginning Swordsmanship, which was so similar to the basic swordsmanship, yet so significantly different.

He had gained ten percent of the momentum after he had practiced for almost twenty years.

After another eighty years, he had gained twenty percent.

After a hundred and fifty years, thirty percent.

Another two hundred and twenty years, forty percent.

After a full three hundred years, he had finally obtained fifty percent of the momentum of the Beginning Swordsmanship.

Rocher had invested a total of three hundred years of his long life to master fifty percent of the Beginning Swordsmanship.

But Zen had already gained ten percent of its momentum, and it had happened in less than five minutes!

'Through watching and testing my swordsmanship, has Zen managed to comprehend the essence of the Beginning Swordsmanship? What a monster he is!' Rocher thought, with both awe and delight.

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