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   Chapter 1708 In A Stalemate

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The power that Rocher displayed had impressed many Supreme Lords in the universe.

All of them wanted to draw him over to their respective sides, but Rocher was a member of the Thoughtless Minds—the fact had the four great clans thrilled.

Out of nowhere, Rocher suddenly made his way into the top five, something nobody was expecting.

The moment Rocher's Soaring Snake moved, the Supreme Lords were left to ponder.

Another sword beyond this universe had made an appearance.

This meant that such a young warrior was likely to change the very fabric of the universe in the future.

Nathan's eyes were brimming with worry as he watched the battle unfold.

Since the opening of the Illusion Battlefield, this was the first time he had made such an expression.

"Rocher is indeed very strong." Lawson couldn't help but laugh grimly. "You need to teach him a lesson!"

With his calm demeanor, Nathan replied, "He has to defeat Zen before facing me."

"Humph! I doubt Zen would defeat Rocher anyway." The mere mention of Zen's name put Lawson in a bitter mood.

With the strength Zen displayed against Shania, Lawson saw his strength in a whole new light.

Of course, it wasn't just Lawson. The other tens of thousands of warriors outside the picture had the same mind on the matter.

But Zen smashed Lawson into ashes in a single punch. Lawson couldn't help but feel sour every time he thought of this.

After the battle ended, Kurt's figure appeared on the stone once again, with crossed knees and a calm look in his eyes.

Rocher's terrifying display of strength indeed made his state of mind waver.

At this moment, he was silently chanting a Buddhist scripture, holding back the power of the inner demon. He still needed to face his next opponent. Only by maintaining a calm state of mind would he be able to go any further.

Not long after, the mysterious woman's voice resounded once again.

According to the rules of the round-robin battle set by this woman, there were three battles left.

First, it was Zen against Rocher, and then Nathan against Kurt. The victors of these two battles would then have to face each other.

"Zen versus Rocher!"

After the cold voice resounded, a warm smile surfaced on Rocher's face.

Now, he knew what his mission was.

The arrow of his destiny pierced through the universe, right into the divine land.

In the universe, he had only one goal—to fight against Zen.


With a flash of light on the stone, Rocher vanished from where he stood and appeared on the Heaven Earth Board.

Soon after, Zen also stepped onto the board.

And as Zen came into view, Rocher was filled with emotion.

Zen had grown so fast in the past that Rocher could only loo

nt smile surfacing on his face.

"The Emotion Closing is a very powerful move, but this sword strike is far from enough," he said with a shake of his head.

By relying on the Gods-intimidating Strike alone, Zen perhaps wouldn't have even been able to deal with Kurt, let alone Rocher.

"Then I'll just have to do it again!"

Turning slightly, the Thunder Wind Divine Sword slashed down once more.

But Rocher merely raised his hand and deflected the strike with ease.

There were two swords against each other.

Without attacking, Rocher had strong defense with his speed.

No matter how exquisite or sharp Zen's sword strike was, Rocher's sword swiftly blocked it in the blink of an eye.

Clank, clank, clank, clank!

Both of their feet were nailed firmly to the board.

The two swords intersected with clear, melodious sounds.

At this moment, neither of them used much strength.

It was purely a game of technology.

But as it was, Zen was always the attacker as Rocher was always on defense.

In the beginning, every strike of Zen's sword had been completely countered by Rocher. Even after numerous strikes, Zen wasn't posing any threat.

This outcome wasn't a surprise for many of the martial artists.

While Zen's sword skill was indeed formidable, even he had a limit. No matter how profound his moves were, Rocher managed to block them instantly.

But after Zen had made a hundred attacks, the tables were somehow turned.

Suddenly, Zen's long sword trembled and started drifting erratically.

He was well aware that he couldn't deal with Rocher with his regular attacks.

Rocher was too fast, after all. He could see through Zen's sword strikes and block them with ease.

So Zen had no choice but to change his strategy. It was time for him to abandon his usual sword strikes.

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