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   Chapter 1707 Soaring Snake

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Kurt had always remained calm. His actions were unhurried but were carried out with care and confidence.

He was never that harsh when facing a weaker opponent.

However, the same couldn't be said when he met stronger foes that were close to his level. Everyone witnessed how confident and calculated his moves were when he faced Lawson.

Despite his precision in fighting, however, the audience still found his performance lackluster.

An image flashed before Kurt's eyes before he finally took action.

He was someone who cultivated the Future Constellation Kalpa. This cultivation method gifted him with the Blessed Buddha Land's skill that enabled him to see into the future: the Constellation Eyes.

As he poured life vitality into his eyes, he would be able to see into a specific moment in the future that was reflected in his pupils.

There were only two warriors who mastered this theurgy. One was Kurt himself, and the other was the Buddhist abbot of the Hidden Spirit Temple.

Kurt had the ability to see nine seconds into the future.

Half a minute more would be too blurry, while a full minute would simply yield him nothing.

The scene he saw half a minute later painted a horrible picture!

Rocher activated his extremely sharp theurgy and killed him!

The blur prevented Kurt from making out the exact theurgy Rocher used so he wouldn't be able to shield himself against it.

He could only take the initiative and launch the attack.

"Scorching Sun Theurgy!"

Kurt yelled. He stretched out his palms from which he launched a giant Buddhist wheel.

The Buddhist wheel shone brightly, like a blinding, dazzling sun.

There was actually no such thing as a Godly Genius in the cultivation of Buddhism.

Buddhist cultivation was divided into four levels of meditation.

It was only after the final, fourth level would one be finally able to practice the theurgy.

Only when a warrior was able to use a theurgy could he really live and breathe Buddhism. In a sense, he was a Godly Genius of the Godly Way.

Since Kurt had already gone beyond the fourth level and mastered the theurgy, he could then be considered as a Godly Genius of the Blessed Buddha Land.

The theurgy came in the form of thousands of golden palm prints that crashed down over Rocher.

Buddhism was grand.

It was not an exaggeration to say that this theurgy had the power to possibly ruin the world.

Even Zen, Nathan, and the other Godly Geniuses were shocked at this display of sheer power.

"This little monk... How could he be so powerful?"

"Scorching Sun Theurgy! He cultivated the most powerful theurgy of the Hidden Spirit Temple!"

"Warriors from the Blessed Buddha Land have always been uninterested in fighting but they have a profound heritage."

"That Rocher will be defeated by the grand Buddhist heritage."

The scene in front of them truly widened their horizons.

It was a mere battle between two Soul Sea Realm warriors but this sudden climax was extremely overwhelming.

uld happen nine seconds later was so clear, indicating its certainty. He could not do anything to change that.

The scene flashed before his eyes: it was him, covered by the waves similar to the ones produced by Rocher.

That was the moment Kurt knew that he was to die by Rocher's sword.

There was no need to resist.

Three seconds passed.

And then six.

Pretty soon, the nine seconds were up.

Everything was just like what his Constellation Eyes showed him.

The invisible sword intent skimmed through his body.

Rocher overpowered Kurt and eventually broke his Scorching Sun Theurgy.

The waves of light shattered and disappeared, along with Kurt's body.

The results were evidently clear: Rocher won!

The Heaven Earth Board quietly reconstructed itself, mending each line and point with white and black stones.

Rocher sheathed his Soaring Snake back into its scabbard.

There was a slight clink as his blade was put away while the entire universe was plunged into silence.

The performances of these Godly Geniuses were truly amazing.

There were ten of them and each had the potential to become the universe's top warriors in the world of chaos.

Kurt, Lawson, Karl, all of them.

This was a generation of amazingly powerful talents.

But what Rocher displayed just now was way beyond everyone's expectations.

"The new great world! This is truly the beginning of the new great world of chaos! Ha-ha!" someone shouted in glee and broke the silence.

The warriors, who had initially been stunned by the battle's outcome, finally came to their senses.

"Is he... really from... your Cloud Hall?" Preston asked, not really believing what he witnessed just now.

He was a Spirit Transformation Realm master, two realms higher than Rocher. But he knew that he would even lose to this young man if he fought with him.

How in the world could he do that though?

He was two realms below!


Letitia nodded with a smile. The pride was evident on her face.

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