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   Chapter 1706 A Fierce Battle

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While they had a heated discussion among themselves, they saw a bright silver light being dragged along in Rocher's hand.

The light was suspended and sometimes it lengthened, sometimes it sharpened, sometimes it was fanning out, and sometimes it was rippling like a wave.

In fact, not many people could clearly see his sword, but only the light occasionally reflected from its glittering surface.

There were still many extremely powerful weapons in the universe that had yet to leave their names on the Spirit Tablet.

For example, the Heaven and Earth Mirror of the Celestial Position race, and the Evil Door of Supreme Lord of Original Sin.

The light in Rocher's eyes flickered with intensity. His attack had become like a tempest, yet it did not inflict any damage on Kurt despite its high speed.

Kurt's methods were too strange, filling Rocher with a foreboding of danger.

It seemed that Kurt was an opponent who could see what would happen in the future.

Therefore, although Rocher's speed was already unimaginably fast, Kurt was still able to wield his Nine-ring Staff almost leisurely to block Rocher's attack.

Somehow, he had known when Rocher would seek to deliver the fatal blow.

Even Kurt's occasional counterattack offered a huge threat to Rocher.

"If I am not wrong, you can see the future," Rocher observed easily.

Kurt brought his palms together and slightly shook the Nine-ring Staff. "The only one who can see the future is not me, but Maitreya."

By mentioning Maitreya, he was referring to the Buddha of the Future.

Rocher wasn't interested in the enlightenment of Buddhist words. He once again placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. "Well then, if I were to cut your staff to pieces, how would you defend against my sword then?"

As soon as he finished speaking, he unsheathed his sword from the scabbard, and he transformed into a ray of light as he rushed forward.

Zen nodded his head from where he was watching on the stone. Rocher's analysis was correct.

In the first round of this fierce duel, Rocher might not have been able to injure Kurt, but one of the rings on his staff had been broken during combat.

The nine rings of the staff were deeply connected to each other, signifying the nine worlds of Buddhism.

Powerhouses like Kurt were able to instantly open the nine overlapping worlds, and they could trap their opponents within them, rendering their opponents lost and unable to escape.

Therefore, Rocher, having managed to break a ring of the staff, had actually gained the advantage.

Even when Rocher was walking in the light, Kurt's face remained impas

ant to leave Rocher even the slightest chance. As he executed the Great Wise Staff Technique, the staff shadows covered the sky and blocked out the sun as they headed towards Rocher.


The light beneath Rocher's feet flickered as he travelled like a meteor, speeding through the layers of staff shadows. Although the shadows were densely arrayed, they didn't even touch Rocher's sleeves at all.

Although Kurt brandished tens of thousands of staff shadows, a kind of different foresight appeared in his eyes.

The scene from the future was extremely hazy, but every single image had crystal clear value to him.

It was a scene that would happen nine seconds later.

After nine seconds, Rocher would suddenly circle behind him.

Three seconds. Six seconds. Nine seconds!

Nine seconds later, Kurt had already taken a step forward and placed his staff protectively behind his back.


The staff accurately blocked Rocher's anticipated sword attack.

Rocher's attack failed, and he immediately withdrew with a slight frown wrinkling his brow.

Kurt could see the future, so he could anticipate every single move in advance. This was indeed troublesome.

This battle was proving even more difficult than Rocher had imagined. None of the warriors who could make it into the top five were weak. Not only were they nearly perfect in every aspect, but they also possessed extraordinary theurgy.

A cold light flickered in Rocher's eyes as he stared up at the numerous staff shadows descending upon him.

He needed a different method, now!

Clearly, he had not expected that before he could change his moves, Kurt had already been one step ahead of him. Kurt intended to suppress Rocher, and gave him no chance to fight back.

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