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   Chapter 1705 Giving Full Consideration Before Making Any Decision

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Zen had showcased his true strength in his battle with Shania and wowed the crowds.

He had changed the public opinion about him and suddenly, people's perception of who would be first began to swerve.

In the beginning, everyone thought that it would be Nathan.

He was the number one Godly Genius and an expert at everything. The only trouble he had was probably from Shania.

But now that Zen had defeated Shania, revealing his power, everyone realized that the person who had been annoying them with his Roaring Token back then was already qualified to compete for the first warrior in the universe.

Nathan was waiting anxiously.

Rocher was also in the same state.

Only Kurt was unperturbed. He put his hands together and maintained a calm expression.

"Rocher from the Thoughtless Minds versus Kurt from the Blessed Buddha Land!" came the announcement.

When the cold voice rang out, Kurt opened his eyes. A brilliant light shone out from them as his aura abruptly changed.

Just a moment ago, he was as steady as a rock, but in the next moment, he released the aura of a fierce tiger.

The aura that emitted from his body was solemn, valiant and ferocious.


Kurt took a giant leap, and like a sinking iron ball, he smashed onto the Heaven Earth Board. His stone crashed onto the board as well.

Kurt was not famous among the many Godly Geniuses. He was a silent figure.

Initially, many almighty warriors predicted that of the four warriors from the Thoughtless Minds, at least three would be able to make it into the top five. If this situation were to develop further, then the Thoughtless Minds would become the dominant race in the world of chaos.

However, the final result was completely unexpected!

The Thoughtless Minds occupied only one of the top five spots, while the remaining three were in the last five spots.

Kurt of the Blessed Buddha Land, however, had been able to exploit his full potential and reach this level.

As for Rocher, he totally stumped everyone!

While it was true that he originated from the Thoughtless Minds, he himself said that he came from the Cloud Hall, a sect unknown to the onlookers.

The strength that this person displayed was also shocking.

He had seamlessly eliminated Xenia, the Godly Genius of the Celestial Position race.

Her premature elimination automatically meant that she could not enter the top ten. This was a big shock for everyone.

People wondered if Rocher would still surprise everyone by defeating Kurt.

Kurt entered the board and Rocher also took one step forward. His body floated down and lightly landed on the Heaven Earth Board.

His heroic face was already starting to show the fighting spirit.

After he defeated the man before him, he would face Zen.


ut with a hundred swords.

But by relying on the Future Constellation Kalpa, he was able to determine Rocher's sword moves and attacks to a certain extent, and block them accordingly.

Because of this, not only were Rocher's attacks not fatal, they were also getting obstructed in advance by Kurt's staff.

Kurt only needed to place the staff somewhere and it would force Rocher to change his movement, causing him incomparable distress.

The first round of exchanges lasted for a few seconds. Then, Rocher turned into a ray of light and whizzed off swiftly.


He sheathed his sword!

Rocher took a deep breath.

The two of them had exchanged thousands of blows in the span of a few seconds.

It was true that the two of them did not wield much power and influence, but the danger they posed was not insignificant.

"Your speed is of no use to me. You'd better figure out another plan," Kurt said indifferently and stood his ground.

Rocher shook his head and revealed a smile. "You are wrong. See?"

Kurt's gaze turned solemn. At the same time, an explosive sound came from his Nine-ring Staff.

One of the nine rings was broken!

"Your sword is so strong! It should be more precious than the weapons on the Spirit Tablet. Huh?" A strange expression appeared on Kurt's face.

How could a seventh-ranked supreme divine weapon be so easily damaged?

The Nine-ring Staff had already lost one of its rings in the exchanges just now.

Even the Saint Killing Spear couldn't achieve this feat.

"A sword that surpasses the weapons on the Spirit Tablet! Does this mean his sword is beyond the supreme divine weapon?"

"Then what rank is Rocher's sword?"

"What? There are weapons that are not recorded on the Spirit Tablet?"

This controversy about Rocher's sword once again attracted the attention of countless warriors.

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