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   Chapter 1704 Zen Won

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Shania was indeed the most powerful opponent Zen had faced yet.

Her comprehension of the laws far surpassed that of ordinary warriors of the same level.

It was true that her cultivation level was her biggest limitation, but her ability in creation alone made her an opponent that could not be ignored.

Perhaps there was something wrong with the strength of Zen's clones that she had created. Besides, she couldn't control them as freely as she wanted, and could only give the clones simple commands, like "kill."

But that was enough!

The simultaneous usage of the Gods-intimidating Strike by ten of Zen's clones presented a huge challenge for even Zen himself!


Accompanied by the sharp ringing of metal, those ten sharply keen sword intents transformed into ten rays of sword radiance that dominated the air as they charged straight at Zen.

'The power of their strike… is only sixty percent of mine!'

It was only in that instant that Zen had made his judgment. Meanwhile, he was a little confused.

There was no physical difference between him and his clones when it came to the technique or the comprehension of the Gods-intimidating Strike. So why was there such a huge difference in terms of the power of their strike?

This thought lingered in his mind, but he could not figure it out.

At that moment, the golden light that Zen had slashed out intersected with the ten rays of sword radiance.

In theory, each of Zen's clones displayed sixty percent of the power of Zen's Gods-intimidating Strike. In other words, the power of the strikes of ten clones should then be six times stronger than that of Zen's strike.

However, Zen's sword strike was deceiving in appearance, for he had not simply transformed the chaotic energy into sword intent.

Previously, Zen had not developed the special characteristic of chaotic energy and had simply used it in the same way as warriors used their life vitality. Chaotic energy was much more condensed than life vitality. No matter how much he used it, the chaotic sea in his belly never decreased in size or depth.

But it had to be said that using his chaotic energy like this had seemed an enormous waste.

However, after he encountered Lone, Zen had developed a completely new understanding on the ways of using chaotic energy.

His Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike could no longer be described in the same breath as the previous version.

Although Zen was only at the Soul Sea Realm, the strength he now displayed was something akin to that of the supreme chaotic weapons in the divine land. It was the strength that all True Gods could only dream of!


The air above the Heaven Earth Board became electric with potential and began to vibrate violently.

That golden radiance which Zen had launched was like a tide, beautiful, quiet, and potent.

The Gods-intimidating Strikes that the ten clones had initiated were like ten ravenous sharks moving against the tide, intent on crossing the "water" line to kill Zen.

Even Lawson and Lone were astounded by the magnitude of this confrontation.

Zen's sword strike aside, the Gods-intimidating Strikes that his clones had displayed were already terrifying in the extreme. Even

g them and rending them to pieces.

At that moment, Shania gave up all resistance.

With her comprehension of the Life Law, she could still deal with this unstoppable sword strike. But what would be the point?

Besides, she had already achieved her goal.

She believed that those Supreme Lords had already reached a decision.

The golden afterglow of the Thunder Wind Divine Sword dissipated, restoring the sword's blue body again. Calmly, Zen placed it into his space ring.

He had won this battle!

"Ha-ha! The fact that Zen is using my sword can be considered a kind of honor." Within the Mist Palace, Kyron's face revealed a trace of deep satisfaction.

The gap between Layla and Zen had just become too huge. Even Kyron had personally trained her for six years, yet the gap between them had grown bigger and bigger. The fact that Layla had been eliminated early in the Illusion Battlefield had not pleased Kyron at all.

However, when he witnessed Zen display such power with the Thunder Wind Divine Sword in his hand, Kyron also began to console himself.

Earlier, everyone had thought Shania to be invincible.

After Zen had so convincingly defeated her, the other warriors began their own analysis and debate.

"In the end, what Shania has cultivated is the Life Law. The Life Law itself isn't all that strong."

"Nonsense! You don't think she's powerful? So how could she have defeated those ace talents and Godly Geniuses then?"

"I didn't mean it that way."

In theory, the Life Law didn't offer an advantage in battle.

However, the power of Shania's creation talent couldn't be underestimated.

If Zen had not so fully comprehended the Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike, he would definitely have fallen to the combined efforts of the ten clones.

According to the rules of this round-robin tournament, Zen's opponents now only numbered two people.

Nathan, Rocher, and Kurt were still waiting on the side.

The strength of these three warriors was well-hidden. Of the three, two of them would fight first, and the winner would challenge Zen.

Zen was naturally unaware as to which one he was going to face.

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