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   Chapter 1703 Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike

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Zen had no way of dodging the incoming punch.

But he remained calm.

Although these 'Zens' looked extremely real and retained all of his characteristics, in the end, they were still just physical bodies.

Zen's physical body was strong, his strength bordering on tyrannical, but it still relied on the power of the dragon scales.

Would that woman be able to duplicate the Genuine Dragons and Divine Flame Cauldron?

It wasn't highly possible despite looking like it was.

It was true that the Life Law was powerful, but people couldn't duplicate everything in the world. They could only create things related to life.

Zen suddenly launched a counterattack against the punch.

The clone had obviously obeyed Shania's command. And in that instant, all the forceful energy within his body erupted in a great rush. He hadn't borrowed strength from the dragon scales, but the explosive power was still astonishing.

But it showed quite clearly that the clone and the real Zen were not on the same level.

Zen gasped.

He had underestimated 'himself'.

The 'Zen' that Shania had created might not be as strong as Zen after all.

But that didn't mean they weren't the living 'Zen'.

When the punch was thrown, the clone use the Eight Smoky Melodies again and circled around his wrist. He dodged the punch within a distance of three inches.

Soon, a faint halo of light enveloped Zen.

"Thunderbolt Annihilation!" the clone shouted.

Zen froze.

Mysterious law began to appear in the sky. The brewing of the Heavenly Tribulation!

Zen, who was familiar with the power of the Thunderbolt Annihilation, took a step forward and before anyone could react, passed through space and escaped.

But the moment he charged out of the circle of light, another circle of light appeared beneath his feet.

Ten clones of himself were standing opposite him.

The Thunderbolt Annihilation the clone Zens had simultaneously unleashed had surrounded Zen on all sides.

The thunderbolts of the Heavenly Tribulation had crashed down before Zen could get out of the range of the Thunderbolt Annihilation.

The descent of the Thunderbolt Annihilation had been

shocking enough.

But when ten Thunderbolt Annihilations came crashing down at the same time, it felt like the Heaven Earth Board was filled with lightning and thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts had covered Zen's bo

ll be exactly the same as you," Shania said.

The clones didn't even look back as they easily caught the swords thrown to them by reaching behind their backs with their right hands.

All these swords were ordinary divine weapons. Most were at the third rank while the rest were at the second rank. Only two of them were first-rank divine weapons.

However, the quality of the sword did not matter. The key was the person who used the sword.

The clones that were wielding the sword also entered a state of emotion closing.

They were also using the Gods-intimidating Strike.

But there were ten of them.

If these ten clones were to launch the Gods-intimidating Strike simultaneously, it would be fatal to the person at the receiving end because of how unimaginably great the power contained within it was.

Zen didn't hesitate.

He slashed out with his sword.

The gold and the gray lights spread along with the sword intent. The three of them fused together into a strange golden light. Like the setting sun, the light spread out from his sword and covered the entirety of the Heaven Earth Board with a faint golden afterglow.

It also covered the Godly Geniuses and the clouds in the sky with a layer of golden powder.

Even Shania looked around cautiously.

But Zen's opponent was ten of himself. What was more, he would be attacked by his strongest sword strike.

The Chaotic Gods-intimidating Strike that Zen had created was not inferior to anyone or anything in the slightest. The radiance emitted by his sword seemed to be capable of shaking the entire world.

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