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   Chapter 1702 Ten Zens

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Seeing Shania create a Zen in such a short period of time, the Supreme Lords found themselves holding their breath.

Many world lords were stunned in disbelief. The scene in the painting before them had their eyes go wide.

Before this moment, they had thought it possible for Shania to easily create a special plant or beast.

Having cultivated the Life Law for many years, it wasn't difficult for Shania to do so.

Once one reached the sixth level of the Life Law, one should be able to create creatures.

Though it would take quite a while, one could create any creature that he needed.

After reaching the seventh level, the creation process sped up. At Latonia's level, one could create a creature to fight against the enemy in mere seconds.

But before creating a creature, one had to have a thorough understanding of these creatures and they weren't exactly complete.

But Shania managed to duplicate Zen so quickly.

One Heavenly Destiny called the Heavenly Destiny of Creation in the heavens was the limit of the Life Law—it was the tenth-level profound mystery.

Warriors with this Heavenly Destiny could create such life.

And Latonia, Queen of Life, was standing in as Shania.

In strength, she might've matched a Supreme Lord, but she did not bear a Heavenly Destiny. It should have been impossible for her to know the profound mysteries of creating creatures.

And yet, she created Zen.

The other Supreme Lords just couldn't believe what happened.

She wasn't a Supreme Lord… How did she do it?

What followed was even more unimaginable. The green balls fell from the Staff of Life and turned into a real 'Zen, ' one after another until they all stood in a row.

These identical copies of Zen wore indifferent expressions.

"Even the Supreme Lord who bears the Heavenly Destiny of Creation isn't able to activate his skill at will."

"Creation of creatures has a limit. This is an all too powerful ability. One should only be able to create one creature at a time."

"You mean to say that Latonia didn't only break the restriction of the ninth level of the law…she also broke the very universe's restriction, right?"

"This… this is power that crosses the heavens!"

Many Supreme Lords revealed a look of shock upon witnessing the scene.

For thousands of lower-level warriors, they could clearly feel the restriction of the heavens.

It didn't need to be said that it was already extremely difficult for a warrior to even reach the Spirit Transformation Realm.

Not to mention, becoming a world lord or Supreme Lord.

Even if they dedicated thei

ead out of his body.

"Eight Smoky Melodies?" Zen exclaimed in surprise.

The body of that particular 'Zen' twisted in the air incredibly as he attempted to dodge the strike.

But the Gods-intimidating Strike was also undeniably fast. Though the Eight Smoky Melodies was indeed powerful, the former could easily break the three-inch limitation and cut the 'Zen'.


Blood started flowing. But still, the strike only cut the clone's skin.

The 'Zen' made a strange turn in the air and rushed toward his opponent.

Not daring to directly block the strong charge, Zen backed up quickly.

But just as he did, three 'Zens' came charging at him from different directions.

"Nether God Shadow!"

Ten shadows akin to Zen shot out from the Thunder Wind Divine Sword, flying toward the other copies of 'Zen.'

This Nether God Shadow proved to be very useful—the moves they launched were of the same fist fighting technique which Zen had cultivated.

But the Nether God Shadow was merely a sword technique—it couldn't withstand the "Zens".

Puff! Puff! Puff!

In three seconds, the Nether God Shadows released by Zen himself was killed by his duplicates.

Finally, the first 'Zen' stood before him and immediately went for a punch.

"This Zen is famous for his strength. What will he do now in the face of his own?"

"Haha! Ten Zens. They can probably punch him to death."

"This ability to create creatures…it's truly magical. It seems that she can wholly clone a creature."

At this point, most of them didn't care about how Shania had broken the rules.

All they were interested in was seeing who would win the battle.

Ten 'Zens' against the lone Zen—the crowd was certain of the real Zen's defeat.

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