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   Chapter 1701 Creating Creatures

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Zen didn't stop, not even after he'd killed all the beasts.

He did not have any misgivings after cutting off his emotions and desires. All he cared about now was the sword in his hand...

He still hadn't fully attained the Godly Way, though.

Shania placed the Staff of Life in front of her that spread out an invisible force all around.

At that moment, even though he had already broken free from the entanglement of fear, Zen had no choice but to retreat.

He was not afraid to die, but that didn't mean he was willing to throw his life away so easily.

Shania smiled at him. She wasn't in any real hurry to kill him. Right now, her focus was at the outside of the Heaven Earth Board.

From the looks of it, she wasn't looking at her opponent, but at the audience outside the painting.

She opened her mouth and her soft voice rang out.

This painting could be considered as a special kind of Roaring Token given that it was broadcasted all over the Illusion Spaces in the universe. Shania's voice could only resound around the Illusion Spaces, so only those who were watching the fight could hear her. And, they could also see her.

"Take a good long look, you old fellows. You keep talking about heavens' limitation but watch how I break it..."

Her words were directed to those Supreme Lords.

A lot of these mighty Supreme Lords had long since figured out her identity. Shania herself knew that it would be impossible for her to hide from such powerful people, so she didn't even try.

The Supreme Lords were a bit confused at her words. She could only be talking about them when she said "old fellows." What exactly was she trying to do?

"Heavens' limitation..."

In Mist Palace, Supreme Lord Healum revealed a look of surprise.

Even Yolande herself gasped. "She wants to tell everyone that she can break heavens' limitation?"

Supreme Lord Healum nodded.

"I guess it's possible. Is it?" He wasn't sure. Even he felt extremely conflicted at what was currently happening.

The heavens' limitation was the biggest restriction imposed in the entire universe.

All living creatures were subject to this limitation. Everyone had a certain threshold for their power.

It was only the Godly Geniuses who had the ability to overcome the current round of heavens. Only after the Mahayana Lotus Flower was fully activated would one be able to cross the current round and become a True God.

There were so few Godly Geniuses in the universe.

Even a Supreme Lord couldn't know exactly how many creatures had been born in the universe for the past hundred million years. Yet among those creatures, not even one Godly Genius could be found.

The birth

t first.

However, as soon as she pointed at him, numerous green balls appeared on top of the staff.

The balls were about the size of a fist and rolled down onto the ground.

These balls were actually powerful spheres that contained the strongest Life Law in the universe—the ninth level of the Life Law.

"What is Shania trying to do?"

"She seems to have used reincarnation on Zen?"

"Latonia is the only one who can reach the ninth level of Life Law. However, there is still a limit to reincarnation. Shouldn't she use Zen's body as a medium to reincarnate?"

None of the Supreme Lords trained up to the ninth level of the Life Law, but they still more or less knew what was happening.

If she wanted to reincarnate Zen, then she would have to kill him first.

What exactly was Shania doing?

The surface of the first ball began to expand and take form.

The green sphere of power grew until it reached the height of a person. It stretched and bulged constantly as the organs and features slowly came to light: spine, lungs, heart, muscles, hair, and skin...

Once fully formed, a person who looked exactly like Zen stood beside Shania.

Even with his impeccable eye, Zen couldn't find any sort of difference between the real him and this clone Shania just created.

The only difference was that this clone wasn't wearing any clothes...

"Ah, shame..." Margaret was really uncomfortable. She couldn't bear seeing her husband naked like this.

Zen's eyes widened in astonishment.

How could there be such an identical version of him?

He had already encountered this situation in a magic array, but that was only an illusion. The clone that was in front of him was real flesh and blood. Shania actually recreated a new him.

She was … creating creatures!

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