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   Chapter 1700 The Staff Of Life

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Nathan had always exuded confidence.

Such was his faith in himself.

There was no cultivation methods or martial skills that were too difficult for him to grasp.

There was no opponent that he failed to defeat.

There were no hardships that he could not overcome.

No one from his generation could compete with him because he was the strongest of them all!

Nobody possessed his level of talent. He had become a Godly Genius at such a young age, and only a handful of people could take him on.

Nobody else had a nobler background than him. His clan was the greatest clan in the entire universe!

It was impossible for anyone to get to him as he was the best of the rest.

He had inferred that even though Zen's sword skill was powerful, he could only use it twice or thrice at most. So he would still lose to Shania in the end.

However, the development that followed exceeded Nathan's imagination.

Once Zen launched his first strike, he had no intention of slowing down or stopping.

His attacks were getting faster and more intense.

Each strike contained an incomparably sharp sword intent.

His sword intent was so powerful that it felt like it could pierce through the heaven and earth as it charged towards Shania.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

He sent out dozens of slashes back to back.

"This guy...! He is a real monster!" Nathan commented as he stared at Zen with mixed feelings. He was a little confused.

'But he didn't consume any life vitality jade to replenish his life vitality. How strange!

Does he have a great treasure that can store large amounts of life vitality?' he wondered.

Such treasures were extremely rare in the universe. For example, the Vitality Storing Vessel, which ranked 120th on the Universe Spirit Tablet, could store a large amount of vitality between heaven and earth and double the amount of life vitality used by a warrior during a fight.

But even if Zen's life vitality was doubled, it still wouldn't be enough to launch so many consecutive attacks.

Nathan just could not figure it out.

He wasn't the only one who was flummoxed.

All the warriors who had witnessed this fight were just as puzzled as him.

A single slash by Zen's sword would consume a huge amount of life vitality, let alone dozens of it.

Most people had the same question in their minds: where did Zen's life vitality come from?

Shania wa

Life, which ranked thirty-second in all of the supreme divine weapons.

"Taste my wrath, you brat!" she spat.

She was absolutely furious about being forced to use this treasure by Zen.

She had expected to defeat him quite easily, but found herself in an awkward predicament.

Her helplessness finally forced her to use the Staff of Life.

The moment Shania raised the Staff of Life in her hand, her face glowed with extraordinary grace.

It was as if, in that moment, she had turned into another Latonia.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Streams of green life energy emanated from within the Staff of Life.

The power vibrated violently in the air and separated into numerous specks, which slowly formed shapes on the board. Eventually, they turned into beasts of all shapes and sizes.

The roars of these beasts reverberated across the arena.

They were all twelfth-grade beasts, which were equivalent to Spirit Supreme Realm human warriors.

The Squall Mastiffs.

The Ancient Vultures.

The Fiend Horses...

As these vicious beasts materialized one by one, they all charged at Zen wanting to pounce on him.

But how could they withstand Zen's Gods-intimidating Strike? Even the Sunflower Turtle with its toughest defense couldn't survive a single slash of the sword.

But Shania was not using these beasts to defeat Zen.

She only needed them to delay Zen for a while and prevent him from chasing after her while she worked on something else.

She placed the Staff of Life horizontally in front of her and locked her gaze on him as she began to prepare for her strongest attack.

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