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   Chapter 1699 The Emotion Closing Godly Way

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Shania looked down at Zen as she stood not far away from him. She sighed with emotion.

Zen was only around thirty years old...

She found Zen to be extremely young and exceptionally outstanding.

The top ten in this world would all have great destinies.

In return, they had to attain great achievements.

The warrior chosen by Lavender was indeed remarkable.

As long as Zen was alive, he would eventually be able to help Lavender return to the throne of the Queen of Killings...

"Losing in the Life-or-Death Space isn't considered a disgrace. On the contrary, it can prove that you are extremely persistent, and the warrior with the strongest determination is often the one who succeeds the most in the world... So, please admit defeat," Shania said calmly.

Long, long ago, there was a legendary treasure in the Heavenly Lake Mountain. Only after warriors knelt for a thousand years would the legendary treasure appear before them.

Many warriors went over to investigate out of curiosity, but they scoffed at the notion. They did not believe this rumor.

However, several hundred other warriors stayed behind and knelt in front of the Heavenly Lake Mountain...

After a year, almost everyone chose to leave, except one warrior, who stayed there steadfastly.

The others mocked him because of his stupid stubbornness. Rumors were just rumors after all with no basis in facts. One thousand years was a precious amount of time for a warrior and he was silly to waste time like that.

However, the warrior remained unmoved. He had knelt for more than one thousand years and wasn't going to give up just like that.

Another one hundred years passed and the Heavenly Lake Mountain finally parted, revealing the treasure. It was bestowed upon the devoted warrior.

This story was passed down through generations all throughout the universe. It was a legend.

This legend taught everyone that even if persistence and determination were difficult and seemed unrewarding, one should work hard to pursue the goal with indomitable will. And one day, one would succeed!

But if one decided to pursue something doggedly, they had to survive and thrive.

In the past, Latonia also made the Life-or-Death Space by taking advantage of this point, once she created the Circle of Life and Death.

The Life-or-Death Space brought one closest to death. Faced with death, one's survival instincts would be on high alert!

If one wanted to break through this Life-or-Death Space, they would need to contemplate life and death.

But how could Zen do this in such a short period of time? How could he make it in front of her? This was an impossible task to do.

The rest of Shania's opponents were all newly-born talents from the last several decades. They had seen through life and death completely. How would they be able to make it?

With one formidable move, Shania could defeat anyone.


Another muffled sound was heard.

Zen was staring death in the face, so his fear became more and more intense. Besides, the influence on his mind

s in the Humanity Alliance knew that Zen had cultivated the Gods-intimidating Strike successfully.

However, the news only spread around the thirteen palaces...

And at that time, they didn't know that what Zen had practiced was the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

The Gods-intimidating Strike was the Emotion Closing Godly Way?

The warriors who had been affected by the sword cloud at that time were all stunned when they saw this scene.

Some warriors had comprehended a small part of the Gods-intimidating Strike. They also knew that this sword strike was very powerful, but they never paid too much attention to it.

For example, Layla had comprehended the strike a lot, but she attached more importance to what her master had taught her...

She had never thought that Zen was someone who would be able to comprehend the Emotion Closing Godly Way through the Gods-intimidating Strike.

After all, only a few warriors knew that Sword Chen had become a True God. Most of the other warriors were under the impression that he had died.

"Zen has actually practiced the Emotion Closing Godly Way... Isn't it the forbidden Godly Way?" Rocher asked in surprise. He had guessed that Zen had already stepped into the Godly Way but he never thought that Zen would choose the forbidden Godly Way.

"This sword attack is quite powerful." Nathan declared with a confident smile.

Although he was full of praise for Zen's sword strike, he was secretly comparing himself to Zen.

It was true that Zen's Gods-intimidating Strike was powerful, but it probably consumed a lot of life vitality. Just now when he lay on the ground, it took him a long time to launch the attack. He might have already drained more than half of his sea of life vitality.

No matter what, with this guy's cultivation, he would only be able to strike two or three times!

"It is not that formidable," Nathan said indifferently. He always had absolute confidence in himself.

But right after, he was astonished, and even his state of mind was slightly muddled.

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