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   Chapter 1698 Life-or-Death Space

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There were too many secrets between life and death.

There weren't many martial artists in the universe that specialized in the Life Law. This Life Law could bring the dead back to life but it wasn't so deadly.

As a result, of the three queens of the Demon Night, Latonia was the weakest.

The Heart Eating Insects were considered a powerful weapon when they were used to deal with Soul Sea Realm ace talents. However, when used to fight against Supreme Lords they were useless. The Supreme Lords knew many ways to restrain the Heart Eating Insects.

Latonia had also used her life energy to nurture other plants to fight.

Latonia was the only one in the entire universe who cultivated such powerful Circle of Life and Death. It was a cultivation method she achieved when she cultivated the Life Law.

So when Shania displayed the Circle of Life and Death, the Supreme Lords knew immediately who she was.

That was an ability that only someone with a really strong life energy could possess.

Besides, the Circle of Life and Death was not a method of attack.

Right at this moment, Shania's one hand released a dense amount of life energy, while her other hand released a dense amount of death energy.

When she unleashed both powers at the same time, Shania was dragged into a state of life and death.

Zen was also dragged into this state.

This was called the Life-or-Death Space.

Anyone who would enter the Life-or-Death Space would fall into a very unique state.

A state in which they were both dead and alive.

In the Life-or-Death Space, to take a step forward meant to live and to take a step backward meant to die.

Creatures would fall into an extremely difficult situation and their souls would be tormented.

This kind of state would also affect Shania. Even as one of the queens of the Demon Night race, she would still suffer this torment. However, she was proficient in the Life Law and was constantly exploring the profound mysteries of life and death, so this wouldn't affect her as much as it would anyone else. To her opponent, however, it was extremely disadvantageous.

This was the same as when a martial artist who cultivated the Ice Law dragged their opponent into the Land of Extreme Chillness. Both of them would face great pressure, but the martial artist that cultivated the Ice Law would naturally find it much easier.

The vigorous life energy fused with the thick death energy began to rotate within the Heaven Earth Board turning into a gray fog.

Standing in the mist, Zen could feel a sense of serenity growing within him.

His body suddenly started to feel heavy and sluggish.

He was actually feeling tired.

The need for battle and courage to fight were disappearing.

Negative emotions slowly started to creep in, and a feeling of impending doom slowly spread through him.

Shania stood quietly in front of him like a dusty Equinox Flow

e a great test for them.

They needed to think of a way to deal with it beforehand.

Right now, that fear was like a demon taking over Zen's will and growing more and more.

Zen was growing more anxious by the second, which made the fear grow stronger. All that Zen could feel now was a burden in his heart.


The instant he dashed forward, Zen unleashed all the forceful energy in his body.

Zen was like a gust of wind trying to get closer to Shania. He was moving at an extremely fast speed.

Shania kept on smiling and moving swiftly. With a twist of her body, she was like a nimble butterfly dancing on a thin line.

Wandering on the edge of life and death was familiar to her. She had no fear.

As Zen missed his attack, he turned around and the Thunder Wind Divine Sword appeared in his hands.

But before he could prepare his next wave of attacks, he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

"Aargh!" Zen screamed painfully.

His heart began to contract violently.

Shania could hear the sound of his heart beating.

"Ah, what a beautiful sound!" she said happily.

Zen's heart was beating crazily. He had encountered this once in the sorcerer race's secret land.

But that had been because of the stimulation from an external source, and Zen had been able to endure it and think of a way to break it.

Right now, his heart was beating so violently because of his own emotions.

Zen kept on screaming in pain. His face showed how much pain he was experiencing.

Shania stood not far away and smiled while she said, "You have a strong heart. Unfortunately, you have an even stronger obsession with survival. That will be your end!"

As soon as she finished speaking, a loud crack was heard from the inside of Zen's chest.


Zen's heart thumped violently once again.

In that instant, a sweet and fishy taste filled Zen's throat. He spat out a mouthful of blood and knelt on the thin thread.

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