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   Chapter 1697 Latonia's Purpose

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Although Shania was at the Soul Sea Realm, she was still the reincarnation of the Queen of Life.

All these years, Latonia had remained silent about the chaos of the entire Demon Night race.

Whether it was Elena or Lavender, Latonia had always pretended that she'd never seen any of their fights. Sometimes, she would even add fuel to the fire.

None of the previous Queens of Life had stirred up troubles, but Latonia was an extremely special case.

In Latonia's eyes, Lavender was just a cold but passionate little sister. She only knew how to lead the Demon Night race to battle so that they could expand their influence and power; she represented the fighting strength of the Demon Night race. Many Supreme Lords would flee when facing them.

And Elena was destined to be a schemer with great ambition but short sight. Controlling the Demon Night race seemed to be the greatest pleasure for her.

But the interests that Latonia had were completely different from theirs.

She had always had an extraordinary commitment to the Life Law as well as an extraordinary sensitivity.

Giving people life and trying to make them grow and reproduce was the greatest pleasure for her.

Of course, there was a lot more to the joy of the Life Law. The unique power of the curse that appeared when a life came to an end also piqued her interest.

Why did the power of the curse gather into a malicious aura before a life came to an end? Why couldn't a martial artist live forever? Why did the strong fall into the Five Aging Processes?

Long ago, there had been many questions in young Latonia's mind about mysteries that everyone else just took for granted.

After all, these rules had always existed without any rhyme or reason.

But this was Latonia's character. Once she was curious about something, she wouldn't be able to rest until she found some answers.

In the eyes of others, becoming the Queen of Life was already the end of Latonia's life. The queen of the Demon Night race was comparable to a Supreme Lord, and was considered the highest existence in the entire universe. In many ways, her position of power was even higher than a Supreme Lord.

But Latonia had known that it was just the beginning for her.

There were so many things in her mind that she still hadn't unraveled.

It was precisely because she was at the level of Queen of Life that her comprehension of the Life Law increased day by day, becoming more and more thorough.

Sixth layer, seventh layer, eighth layer, ninth layer...

The Law Power could not reach the tenth layer, which was the perfect level.

Only a Supreme Lord would be able to achieve perfection after bearing a Heavenly Destiny.

This was a clear demarcation.

She couldn't break through that boundary.

It was said that only those who opened 3


Latonia, who now went by the name 'Shania, ' did not feel discouraged. She knew that she would understand more after walking further into the Illusion Battlefield. Since everything had a set of rules, she would follow those rules and then break them.

As for why she needed the Saint Killing Spear, she wanted to gather all three of the Demon Night race's supreme divine weapons. However, she had her own reasons for that. It was all about an inheritance of the Demon Night race. Originally, the inheritance would be activated when the Demon Night race met a crisis, but Shania intended to ignore this rule.

This was her personality. Once she was certain of something, she had to accomplish it. Anyone who stood in her way would be crushed by her.

Currently, Zen was extremely uncooperative.

Hence, after she came up, she released an extremely cruel and profoundly mysterious skill—

the Circle of Life and Death.

A black and white wheel appeared in her hand, but Zen, who was one step ahead of her, had already begun to retreat rapidly.

The Life Law gave Zen an exceedingly strange feeling, and he almost instinctively wanted to avoid it.

Zen retreated quickly, but the dual-colored wheel moved with Shania's thought. In theory, it was impossible to avoid it.

In the blink of an eye, Zen was enveloped by the dual-colored wheel.

A faint smile appeared on Shania's face. At this moment, her eyes turned into two different colors. One of them was black, exuding a strong aura of death, while the other was light green, full of vitality.

"Enjoy it," she said. She didn't care about these Godly Geniuses at all. Although she didn't possess the strength she'd had before her reincarnation, her comprehension of Laws was still intact. How could these juniors possibly contend with a powerhouse that had once stood on par with the Supreme Lords?

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