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   Chapter 1696 The Circle Of Life And Death

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Zen hadn't considered that he would meet Shania in the very first battle of the remaining five warriors.

Previously, Shania had asked him to hand over the Saint Killing Spear to her.

She had even said that he would, without a doubt, be returning the Saint Killing Spear to her. Made cautious by her request, Zen had gripped the spear tightly in his hand.

What on earth was her reason for wanting the spear?

After all, the spear was Lavender's weapon, so Zen definitely wouldn't be giving it to someone else. He would bring it out of the Illusion Battlefield and return it to Lavender. However, he still wanted to know why Shania had said that, for it smacked of prophesy.

He jumped down from the stone and landed on the board, ready to engage in the battle.

Soon after, Shania also took gentle steps forward, seeming to descend upon an invisible staircase.

As she reached the board, she gave Zen a gentle smile.

"Can you now give me the Saint Killing Spear?" Shania asked again, still smiling.

"Why should I?" Zen replied indifferently.

Once, he had formed a singular impression of the Demon Night race.

Without a doubt, it was one of the most accomplished races in the universe, with perfect order reigning throughout its territories.

But because of what happened to Amber and Hailey, Zen harbored hostility towards the Demon Night race.

Right now, Amber was still being bitterly tortured, and once Hailey had returned from the Illusion Battlefield, her end would probably not be any better.

The battle between the two Demon Night queens had caused too many losses for their race.

"Should I need a reason for that? I merely want to exchange something with you," Shania confidently said, with an expectant tone of voice.

"Oh?" Zen laughed coldly. "What do you want to exchange for the Saint Killing Spear?"

The Saint Killing Spear was the most powerful spear in the universe!

It might not have reached its full potential in Zen's hands, but in Lavender's capable hands, it could emit an endless amount of power.

All the supreme divine weapons were priceless treasures, so what could Shania possibly hope to give Zen in exchange?

Many people pricked their ears at the exchange. They were curious to know what Shania would offer in exchange for the unattainable spear.

However, Shania slightly parted her lips and spoke to Zen only using her life vitality, "A perfect spirit embryo. It has been growing in the Pool of Faith of the Queen of Life for many years. If Lavender knew that I offered you the spirit embryo in exchange, I believe that she would definitely give up the spear!"

Zen's brow creased at her words.

If she had offered anything else, he would immediately have rejected it without a second thought.

But she offered a perfect spirit embryo!

The faith collected in each of the Pools of Faith of the three queens was different in nature.

Lavender's Pool of Faith was formed by the killing intent of the members of the Demon Night race. As a result, it was blood-red in color.

It was said that the dense killing intent could be felt at a distance of ten thousand miles from the Pool of Faith. Ordinary beings couldn

in a constant cycle of life and death.

Apart from life force, the Life Law contained many profound mysteries related to death.

Thus, those warriors, who cultivated the Life Law, were the ones who understood life and death the best.

Shania was somewhat vexed.

She didn't want to end this battle so easily, as she felt that Zen required a lesson in respect for his betters.

If they had been in the outside world, she might have chosen to drain Zen of his lifespan and seal off his lifeline, thereby preventing him from extending his lifespan. This way, he would have entered the Five Aging Processes in advance, and he would have lived the rest of his life aging prematurely. This was the worst possible fate that a warrior could face.

Unfortunately, they were in the Illusion Battlefield, so this method was completely useless.

Thus, she chose an even crueler method.

"The Circle of Life and Death!"

In truth, a few Supreme Lords had already figured out Shania's true identity, but they were still a bit unsure.

After all, the cost of reincarnation was just too high. The risks of doing so were extremely high, and the Supreme Lords couldn't figure out the reason why Latonia would want to participate in the Illusion Battlefield in the first place.

Upon seeing Shania use this method, those who were familiar with the Queen of Life knew for certain who she was.

Shania was Latonia, the Queen of Life!

"She already uses such a powerful move at the very beginning of their battle."

"With Zen's unstable mind, he will suffer bitterly in the Circle of Life and Death."

"There aren't many people who can survive through that, but if he succeeds, he will benefit a lot."

There was a clear line that existed between life and death.

One side of the line was death, and the other side was life. This was an immutable truth that all living creatures accepted.

However, once one mastered the eighth layer of the Life Law, he or she would be able to accurately manipulate that line.

It allowed for the creation of illusion between life and death, and now that was going to be used on Zen.

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