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   Chapter 1695 The Top Five Warriors

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The arrogant and unreasonable girl who behaved all too willfully for her own good was now standing opposite Zen on the great stage of the Illusion Battlefield.

Upon hearing Margaret's words, Zen smiled faintly. "Then tell me, what reward do you want?"

Blinking her bright eyes, she continued walking toward Zen.

Stepping on the Heaven Earth Board signified the beginning of the battle. It would be extremely dangerous for anyone else to approach the opponent at this moment.

But she didn't seem to be worried that Zen would take the chance to attack her.

When she arrived in front of Zen, she stood on tiptoe and smiled innocently. "Even if I could win this, I wouldn't take any actions against you."

With that, she gave Zen a quick kiss on the cheek before turning around and returning to her own stone. "I admit defeat in this battle," she announced.

The proclamation left the whole audience stunned.

Not only did she take the initiative to admit defeat, but she also kissed her opponent.

Many warriors were left puzzled by her behavior.

The fight among these top ten warriors was linked to the future of the entire universe.

If they weren't in the Illusion Battlefield, they would have fought to the death.

Not many warriors were aware of the relationship between Zen and Margaret.

When this painting was unfurled, Zen and Margaret had already been separated by stones, after all. Only a small number of ace talents had ever seen them snuggle up to each other.

Many warriors looked forward to this battle on the Heaven Earth Board.

The sword array Margaret previously created had even forced Nathan to retreat. Many believed that she had great strength, more formidable than Shania, and they also believed she even had the strength to match up to Nathan.

But other than the Purple River Sword Array, she hadn't displayed much of her real strength.

If Zen could force her to perform her extremely powerful sword array during a battle, it would be an intense fight worth watching.

But to everyone's surprise, she briskly walked up to Zen and gave him a kiss before admitting defeat. Why on earth did she do it?

"Haha! Margaret is truly bold.."

"Such guts! She kissed Zen in front of all the warriors in the entire universe..."

"But is it really alright for her to admit defeat just like that?"

The group of women of the Apeiron Tower continued chattering about Margaret.

These women spent most of their time in the Purple Power World and rarely went out. Seeing Margaret being so bold, everyone was riled up in excitement.

Elder Apeiron, their master, didn't care to give such remarks on Margaret's admission of defeat.

The master was already satisfied that Margaret managed to make it into the top ten. The battles between the top ten

dmitted defeat for little reason.

Most of the universe's warriors guessed that she had the strength to match up to Nathan. But never had she planned on expending her best efforts to fight the others.

And as for Karl and Lucille, they lost the battles merely because they were weaker than the others.

Now, the top five warriors were to fight each other.

Out of these five warriors, apart from Nathan, the other four hadn't been defeated at any instance.

Even during the battles outside the main cities, the trials within the various secret realms, and the expedition in the Hall of Causality, they hadn't lost once.

With the greatest luck, strength, and perseverance, they were now known as the top warriors of the younger generation.

Countless warriors across the universe had their eyes fixed on them.

"I think Shania is stronger than the other four!"

"Nathan is the best among the Godly Geniuses. I bet all my fortune on him!"

"Don't forget that Kurt has become a Buddha."

Becoming a Buddha meant that one had officially stepped onto the Buddhist path.

Such was similar to how Nathan turned into a 'God' after becoming a Godly Genius.

As the warriors discussed the top five warriors, the biggest gamble they had made was already taking place.

If the chips placed on these five warriors were gathered, they would sum up to a great amount of life vitality jades.

Stones were constantly appearing on the Heaven Earth Board.

In each of the previous battles, only a stone was left on the board.

But in the first battle this time, six black stones and six white stones appeared on the board. Simultaneously, the thirteen pieces that had already landed on the board were taken away.

Immediately after, the huge hand no longer held the stones and the mysterious girl announced coldly, "First battle—Zen Luo versus Shania."

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