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   Chapter 1694 What Reward Will I Get

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"Lawson shouldn't have attacked Zen with brute force. It seems that he has fulfilled Zen's wish—he was killed in a single punch. If that's not the case, it's likely that the outcome will be difficult to determine," Preston commented from beside Letitia.

Smiling, she didn't refute his words. All she needed to do was believe in Zen—that was enough.

No one from the Lie Clan had expected such an outcome.

As the saying went, "The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment."

Who would have thought that Lawson's first battle among the top ten warriors would end up like this?

Lawson was the Lie Clan's hope.

It had invested numerous and priceless resources into Lawson for dozens of years, all to create the perfect warrior.

Every bone in his body and every inch of his flesh were in perfect condition. Apart from his arrogant and unstable personality, Lawson was undoubtedly the strongest talent nurtured by the Lie Clan.

Even Nathan hadn't received as many resources from his clan.

But Lawson was smashed into dust by a single punch from Zen.

His blow didn't seem to land on Lawson's body, but instead the faces of all the Lie Clan members.

Such a failure was an unacceptable disgrace for them.

"Lawson can't be that weak!"

"I refuse to accept this. I'm going to challenge Zen!"

"Damn it. He's so crafty. How could Zen use such a trick?"

After a long period of silence, everyone in the clan began boiling up with frustration. Countless warriors were filled with indignation and couldn't restrain their emotions. Their voices were like boiling oil as they began shouting out loud.

"All of you shut up!"

roared the Lie Clan's head.

In an instant, the whole place once again fell into a heavy silence.

The patriarchs of the four great clans were all Supreme Lords, but the heads of the four clans still held the most power in their respective groups.

"My son was reckless. He didn't take Zen seriously enough. That's why he suffered such a loss. Now stop blaming his opponent," the head said coldly. "I hope this battle will teach him a lesson. At the very least, he still has a chance."

In the sky within the picture, a stone slowly appeared. On it, a small light condensed until Lawson appeared.

Lawson's eyes grew empty—he seemed to have fallen into a daze.

Clearly, he hadn't yet come back to his senses.

Defeated in a single blow?

If someone told him this before the battle, he would have thought that this was the biggest joke he had ever heard in his life.

In truth, if it weren't for Zen using Lawson's and his own strength to counterattack, he wouldn't have managed to kill him. At most, he probably could have only injured him severely.

But the severely injured Lawson could fully recover in

ing on their stones, pondering over how to deal with her.

But within the Heaven Earth Board, there was no way to obtain the guidance of their seniors. The countermeasure to Shania's Heart Eating Insects was still unknown.

While the others might not have their seniors' guidance, Lone was a special case. The broken sword in his hand told him how to deal with the insects, and he nodded slightly upon hearing that.

The battle on the Heaven Earth Board continued.

Next, it was Nathan against Lone.

Lone had Lost to Zen once before. Before his second battle, he managed to regain his confidence, vowing to defeat his next opponent. But when he discovered that Nathan was his opponent, his face darkened.

He had once lost to Nathan, after all.

This left him no confidence to go against the man again.

The broken sword in his hand was indeed the most important thing he could rely on, but it was already extremely damaged. Before entering the Illusion Battlefield, Lone had taken it to numerous people, finding a way to repair it, but to no avail.

Facing Nathan, he barely managed to endure a few rounds before taking it upon himself to admit defeat. As for the former, he didn't bother making things any more difficult on Lone.

Then, it was Zen's turn for the next battle.

But just as he stood on the board, he realized that Margaret was his opponent.

Although he knew that he would have to fight Margaret sooner or later, he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable facing her in battle.

But a faint smile lingered on Margaret's face. Placing her hands behind her back, she walked slowly toward Zen as graceful of a ballerina, with a charming smile on her face. It didn't seem like they were in a battle at all.

Walking right up to him, she raised her head and asked in a sweet voice, "What reward will you give me if I win?"

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