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   Chapter 1693 One Punch

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Lawson looked like a demon incarnate as he swung his fist with maximum power.

The speed of his strike was also no joke. Sharp wind blades surrounded his fist as it got closer to its target. Luckily, the surrounding space within the picture was stable. If Lawson's punch had been done in the outside world, it would most probably tear a huge hole in the fabric of space.

The Lie Clan had a special training method.

This method involved the use of their supreme divine weapon: the Hidden Phoenix Dragon Basin.

This amazing basin spanned ten feet in both height and diameter. It was usually filled to the brim with the blood of all kinds of precious beasts.

Rare and precious beast blood wasn't normally suitable for absorption since it was either extremely toxic or too unbearable to take in.

However, this Hidden Phoenix Dragon Basin was able to convert the blood into something suitable for human consumption while still preserving the special properties of the blood essence.

Every year, the Lie Clan would send out their people to gather beast blood. In fact, many of their sacred places would already have some in store, ready to offer as tribute to the clan.

The blood was collected and then dumped into the basin. Not everyone could soak in this basin. Only those with high enough qualifications could avail of such a high honor. The Lie Clan was very particular in choosing who could bathe in the basin. They would sometimes extend the honor to lords of supreme worlds or anyone of equal or higher positions. Choosing who got to bathe in the basin was a big deal.

Not even the leader of the Lie Clan could casually enter the Hidden Phoenix Dragon Basin to soak in beast blood.

The only ones who could bathe in it without any restrictions were the clan patriarch and Lawson.

However, the clan patriarch had already become a Supreme Lord. The Hidden Phoenix Dragon Basin wasn't really of much use to him now, but it was still greatly beneficial to Lawson.

Over the past ten years, Lawson had greatly taken advantage of his unrestricted access to the basin by soaking in it for four to six hours every single day. This habit led to the extreme enhancement of his tendons, blood, bones, and flesh.

Lawson's entire body had been greatly strengthened by his daily blood baths. There was probably no other ace talent or Godly Genius who possessed a physique as excellent as his.

He wanted to kill Zen with a single punch because he knew he could do so.

However, despite the threat of an extremely strong blow from his opponent, Zen stood in place. His eyes were calm and there was no trace of distress on his face.

The Stellar Body was a Transcendent Divine Might that drew its power from the stars. As the number of stars that Zen could communicate with increased, so did his power.

"I will not back down from this punch!"

A blinding stream of pure starlight spiraled around his arm and condensed in his fist.

If this f

th to say something.

He wanted to shout that he shouldn't have ended up like this.

This body refining technique wasn't his strongest move. He still had a lot of tricks and moves to show.

Killing Zen would've been easy if he used his strongest method.

But it was too late now. What a pity!

There was no medicine for regret.

As the saying went, "If I know what will happen in the next second, then no one will be my enemy."

If a warrior had the power to predict his opponent's move, then he would be unmatched in the entire universe.

Just a peek at the next second would be enough leverage for a warrior to win in a fight.

Unfortunately, Lawson did not have such amazing capabilities.

Even with the help of the Time Law, the most one could do was make time go slower. Nobody had the power to see into the future or retrace their steps back to the past.

At least in this universe.

Lawson's body peeled off and dispersed in the wind until there was nothing left.

In the end, Zen was the only man left standing.

The warriors were all stunned at the result of this fight.

"This is the person known to be only second to Nathan, the favorite of the competition?

He was literally smashed into smithereens by Zen!

Isn't the gap between the two of them too big?" someone exclaimed.

It wasn't just him. The other warriors also thought this way.

There were always so many variables when Godly Geniuses fought, but why was it that the fight was finished so quickly? Everyone expected this fight to last at least ten minutes.

To their surprise, it only took an exchange of blows for Zen to be declared the winner.

It was just truly absurd! Many warriors in the audience simply didn't know how to react.

However, there were some warriors who sighed but were not entirely surprised by the results. Lawson was known only second to Nathan, so his strength couldn't be too weak. The problem was he had chosen the wrong way to deal with Zen.

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