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   Chapter 1692 Head To Head

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The surname Lie was quite rare.

In fact, the Lie Clan only existed within the Thoughtless Minds.

Since the Lie Clan that Lawson belonged to was one of the oldest clans in the Thoughtless Minds, they were more conservative and their bloodlines were valued more than that of the Ji Clan Lucille belonged to, another Ji Clan Janet belonged to and the Xuanyuan Clan Nathan belonged to.

Therefore, they were more arrogant and holding more prejudices against those with a humble background.

For instance, even when Supreme Lord Illusion had slaughtered his way through the Thoughtless Minds and led the entire Humanity Alliance into the third battle against them, the patriarch of the Lie Clan still considered him to be a rube.

That sort of prejudice seemed to be permanently attached to the blood of the Lie Clan now.

As Lawson was a Godly Genius of the Lie Clan and also one of the two Godly Geniuses from the Thoughtless Minds, his prejudice would only worsen.

Meanwhile, Zen had become quite prominent in the past few years.

Some took a liking to Zen's stories, while many others hated the sound of Zen's voice when it resonated in their ears. However, there was no way to block out the voice that spread through the Roaring Token. Zen's haters could do nothing but curse him inwardly instead.

There were also some who were extremely irritated when they heard Zen's voice, that they became agitated and cursed the hell out of him.

Lawson was one of them.

Two years ago, there was a time that Lawson reached his limit and thus cursed Zen and the mysterious girl with his one and only Roaring Token.

This sort of powerless counterattack had happened quite a few times in the past six years.

In return, the mysterious girl ruthlessly cursed Lawson for two hours.

And since Lawson only had one Roaring Token which he'd already used, he wasn't able to talk back.

In a fit of rage, he immediately rushed to the Lie Clan to find his father for a few more Roaring Tokens.

Yet, his father rejected him.

His father was the leader of the Lie Clan and naturally had many Roaring Tokens, but he definitely wouldn't let Lawson waste them.

But who else in the entire universe had more Roaring Tokens than Zen and the mysterious girl? Even if he used all of the Lie Clan's Roaring Tokens, he still would end up losing the verbal battle against the other side.

Lawson had been brooding over this matter for quite a while now.

Before he entered the Illusion Battlefield, he thought that he would definitely teach Zen a lesson if they ever crossed paths.

Unfortunately, the chances were too small.

The chances of encountering Zen in fifty supreme worlds and countless main cities were very slim. Moreover, he didn't know who Zen was even if they did encounter each


The forceful energy within Lawson's body suddenly exploded in mid-air as a blood-red halo enveloped his whole being. His speed increased yet again at the explosion!

Although he was only six feet tall, he emitted such a powerful aura that it felt like he had thrown a mountain at Zen.

"It's coming," Zen whispered as his eyes narrowed into slits. His right foot stepped back, and his strength began to flow into his right fist.

He knew that since Lawson dared to attack him with a pair of bare fists, he must be extraordinarily powerful.

He then extracted the power of the dragon scales and at the same time, a little starlight appeared on his fist.

At that moment, Zen didn't think highly or lowly of any of his opponents.

Although this Lawson was crazily arrogant, his strength was definitely worthy of Zen's vigilance. Thus, he quickly activated the Stellar Body.

"I'll kill you in one punch!" Lawson declared.

Lawson's voice was painfully sharp now. The closer he got to Zen, the faster his speed became, and the blood-red halo around his body became denser and denser.

When he had been three hundred feet away, the blood-red halo appeared dim. Now that he was only one hundred feet away, Lawson turned into a completely bloody being as he charged towards Zen.

"Do you think that this punch will directly smash that arrogant kid into meat paste?"


Outside the painting, everyone in the Lie Clan had mocking grins plastered on their faces.

Was Zen really going head to head with the warrior of their clan? Even the ogres that were famous for their body refinement would have to think twice before they did such a thing. Before this fight, Zen had relied on the Saint Killing Spear to display quite a good level of strength.

But to go head to head with their clan's Lawson? Wasn't that too childish?

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