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   Chapter 1691 Mr. Storyteller

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The Heaven Earth Board was a million feet long and a million feet wide, but only 10, 000 feet high. If one were to look at it from a distance, they would see a flat, square board.

A number of Crescent Blades moved back and forth in Lucille's mind.

"I found her!"

she exclaimed abruptly, her eyes flying open.

The first Crescent Blade pierced Shania's body.

Before anyone could react, all the Crescent Blades rushed in one direction. These Crescent Blades were sharp and fast. Even Zen hadn't been able to avoid them when he had used the Eight Smoky Melodies.

What followed on the Heaven Earth Board was quiet massacre. Shania's body had been sliced through countless times.

But no one could see the bloody scene.

They only thought that Lucille was standing there in a daze.

"The Ji Clan's ace talent is about to admit defeat. She's giving up on resisting."

"The Demon Night's Godly Genius is so powerful! Lucille can't do anything to her."

"The world of chaos really is amazing. There hadn't been a Godly Genius like her in the last tens of thousands of years. But now, ten of them have suddenly appeared out of nowhere!"

At this moment, the black mass of Heart Eating Insects rushed towards Lucille.


Lucille wiggled the Five-element Finger Chain she had on her fingers. From the moment the laws of the five elements fused with each other, her skin had turned gray.

This light was the Five-element Body-protecting Light and was similar to the light on the surface of the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

However, the Heart Eating Insects were ranked fourth on the Magical Insect List, and they could eat almost everything. Although the Five-element Body-protecting Light was formidable, it wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The densely-packed swarm of Heart Eating Insects surrounded Lucille's body and began biting at the Five-element Body-protecting Light.

It was not long before the first Heart Eating Insect drilled into her body, causing her an intense, gouging pain. And then, she felt the second insect's assault. Then the third...

But Lucille endured the pain as she controlled the Crescent Blades to continue cutting through Shania's flesh within the board.

Both of them used their formidable methods to try and destroy each other.

A few seconds later, Lucille sensed that Shania was slowly rising from within the board.

It was not long before the real Shania appeared along with he

Some people became rich overnight, and some people went bankrupt.

The next battle was between Karl of the Celestial Position race and Kurt.

Although Karl had an eccentric personality, his strength remained unquestionable since he was a Godly Genius of the Celestial Position race.

And Kurt, who was a talent of the Hidden Spirit Temple, hid his strength well.

The two of them had exchanged countless blows, but at the end of it, Karl was still no match for Kurt. So he decided to admit defeat.

By the looks of it, Karl had a backup plan. But since this was not an elimination, he was unwilling to use that backup plan lightly.

Kurt might not have used his full strength, but just the strength he displayed was enough for everyone to guess that he was much stronger than he looked.

Once this battle was over, it was Zen's turn.

This was Zen's second battle in the competition of the top ten warriors.

Once he was put on the Heaven Earth Board, he raised his head to look at the giant hand in the sky.

None of the other warriors were easy to deal with.

His opponent was... Lawson.

Lawson was a Godly Genius and was second only to Nathan.

This person had even killed Nathan in the Illusion Battlefield!

But Lawson had only participated in one battle in the previous round of battles. Zen didn't know anything about his strength. All he knew was that he seemed to have a good relationship with Nathan and Lucille.

Lawson stood on the board, his evil eyes sweeping over the place and his lips curving in a teasing smile. "Oh hi. Now I've finally met you. I've been looking forward to seeing you, Mr. Storyteller."

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