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   Chapter 1690 Latonia

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After a violent explosion, a huge fire was set ablaze that was more than a hundred feet high, engulfing everything around it.

Suddenly, a slim figure rose from the flames. It was Lucille.

Among the three thousand Godly Ways, the Five Elements Godly Way was the most extensive type. It was also the most comprehensive type of cultivation technique.

The orders of creation and restriction of the five elements were known by everyone. "Metal creates water, water creates wood, wood creates fire, fire creates earth, and earth, in return, creates metal. On the other hand, wood restricts earth, earth restricts water, water restricts fire, fire restricts metal, and metal, in turn, restricts wood". The five elements were present in all things in the world and there were only a few other laws that needed to be applied.

Therefore, using the power of the five elements to construct the inner world was much easier than using the power of other Godly Ways.

The five elements within Lucille's body were usually in a balanced state. When she was in the forest of thorns, she released fierce fire and burned all the thorns around her.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As the thorns burned, small explosions could be heard everywhere.

Soon, the thorny forest had burned to ashes.

From these ashes grew a bright green vine that never faded away.

A fire would burn everything in its wake, turning it into ashes.

But there were some plants in this world that were not afraid of fire.

The bright green vine that grew from the ashes was the Flame Fairy Vine.

Not only this vine was not afraid of fire, but it would grow more and more if it came in contact with it. The Flame Fairy Vine could grow in ordinary places, but it was everywhere in the Divine Flame World.

As the vine unfurled, a light purple flower bud rapidly bloomed on the top of the vine. Inside this bud was Shania.

"This woman..."

Lucille frowned. She knew this was going to be tricky.

She had no idea this woman could have such control over the Life Law.

She couldn't kill her.

Shania was sitting like a dignified queen, lying back against the flower as if it were her throne. She stared at Lucille saying indifferently, "I told you before. You don't have the slightest chance to win this fight with me. You might as well skip this battle and focus on facing your next opponent. But since you want me to play with you, then let's go. Let's do this!"

As she finished speaking, a tiny crack appeared in the vine. Black insects started to crawl out one after another. Once outside, the insects would spread their wings and fly towards Lucille like a black cloud in a storm.

"There are too many Heart Eating I

y background.

'That's not her true body, '

Lucille thought as she sprinted towards Shania.

She knew she would only have one opportunity.

Lucille was right in front of Shania, but the latter showed no fear at all. She was still as lazy as a cat, with a smile on her face, without any intention of attacking Lucille. Shania said very casually, "Stop resisting."


In one swift move, Lucille threw the two swords in her hands behind her back. The two swords expanded into circles of sword lights, temporarily blocking the Heart Eating Insects behind her.

After that, she approached Shania, her fingertip glowing with a faint light. She was using the same light to sense something.

In an instant, Lucille started to fly downwards.

Sharp glints appeared on her toes—the Crescent Blade.

Lucille stepped without fear on the Crescent Blade and broke through the vine, slashing it in half. Then she finally landed on the Heaven Earth Board.

Her eyes suddenly focused as her embroidered shoes lightly stomped on the board.

Countless Crescent Blades sunk into the Heaven Earth Board.

Noises were heard coming out from the Heaven Earth Board. Lucille's strike almost exhausted her life vitality. She knew that sooner or later she would be exhausted to death fighting the Heart Eating Insects. The only way to obtain victory was to find and kill Shania's real body.

She had used her five-element senses to confirm that Shania's true body was concealed within the Heaven Earth Board.

Lucille closed her eyes and was quietly observing the situation below the board.

The Heart Eating Insects had been able to cross through the spinning swords and were charging straight at her. Lucille chose not to resist.

If she couldn't find Shania, then it would be her loss.

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