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   Chapter 1689 Thorn Forest

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No matter who it was, anyone who heard such arrogant words would feel extremely displeased.

Shania phrased her words like a warning, but it was actually a blatant provocation.

The atmosphere in the Ji Clan immediately became heated.

Their discussions, curses, and roars were almost enough to lift the roof of the grand hall beneath the picture.

"This slut seems to specialize in the Life Law!" "She is the Godly Genius of the Demon Night. What sort of Godly Way does she cultivate?"

"How dare this nobody talk to Lucille in such a tone? Does she really think so highly of herself?"

"Lucille is not weak. Before joining the Illusion Battlefield, she brought Lucy into the altar to cultivate the Five-element Reincarnation. Even if she fights with Nathan, the battle would be a draw. So how dare this bitch be so arrogant?"

The Ji Clan had pinned all their hopes on Lucille.

Even though her Lotus Flower had not fully bloomed yet, the achievements she would make after becoming a Godly Genius would definitely not pale in comparison with the achievements of Nathan or Lawson.

The Ji Clan might be just one of the four clans in the Thoughtless Minds, but even without the other clans, it was a force to be reckoned with.

How could they tolerate this woman stamping on their pride?

Even the patriarch of the Ji Clan, who was standing behind the crowd, had a stern expression on his face as he stared fixedly at the picture.

Lucille's temper began to flare up. There was a flash of killing intent in her intimidating eyes when she heard Shania's words.

However, the killing intent only flashed slightly and quickly faded away. Then, her eyes became as cold as ice.

As the ace talent of the Ji Clan, her mental state had to be absolutely steady.

She couldn't be daunted just because of a few words from Shania.

After thinking for a while, Lucille said blandly, "There are trillions of warriors participating in this competition to rule the world of chaos. Almost all of the warriors at the Soul Sea Realm have participated… Some of them became cannon fodder and were slaughtered at will. Some were used as stepping stones for others to reach higher. Most of them could only prove their determination in martial arts in life and death situations.

Everyone has their own goals, and I carry the hopes of the Ji Clan! Since I've already reached this stage, I don't mind climbing up one more step.

Why should I admit defeat?"

Lucille's voice was clear and cold.

After she finished her words, the sound of clapping came from afar.

It was coming from Zen.

Hearing the applause, Lucille calmly turned aro

the ground. From inside that small seed, about five twigs with thorns surged out madly.

These thorny twigs were ugly and were like vipers that crawled. Each twig had thorns on both sides and they spread out recklessly in all directions.

Crack! Crack!

Every time the twigs grew to a certain extent, they split into two, then four, and so on, wildly spreading around the Heaven Earth Board.

In a short while, the whole board was covered by the twigs.

As for Lucille, she was trapped in the middle of all the twigs.


As Lucille circled around, two beams of light from her swords whirled around the twigs like a tornado and cut a clean area around her.

But why were these twigs spreading so fast?

Just as soon as she cut off the thorny twigs in one area, the twigs in another area immediately grew and surrounded her again.

On the other hand, Shania drifted through the mess of twigs with ease, like the queen of the thorn forest. Everywhere she went, the twigs automatically made way for her. And soon, Shania approached Lucille.

At the moment, Zen and the others were floating on their stones and were unable to see the fight between these two women in the thorn forest.

Of course, it wasn't only them who couldn't see what was going on.

All the warriors in front of the picture were paying close attention to the battle between Lucille and Shania, but they were unable to make out what was happening as both women were covered by the endless thorns. The audience could do nothing but stare blankly at the picture.

After about five minutes, a loud sound blasted in everyone's ears.

A sea of fire broke out in the thorn forest, and the scorching flames soon spread out across the whole board covered by the thorn trees.

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