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   Chapter 1688 Shania

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One white stone and one black stone falling on the Heaven Earth Board signified the start of one round of battle.

An ordinary board would have a 19×19 grid of lines, containing 361 points. And there were 181 black stones and 180 white stones.

So in theory, 361 battles should be enough to occupy the entire board.

However, this Heaven Earth Board had a 36×36 grid of lines, which meant that there were a total of 1296 points.

Until now, 290 elimination battles had ended, but the number of normal battles far exceeded the number of elimination matches. In total, 803 battles had been fought so far.

But even after these 803 battles, the situation on the Heaven Earth Board was still unclear!

This had not happened in the last grand era.

In the last grand era, the mysterious girl had also played Go with herself, and it had ended soon. After only 726 battles, the white stones had already had an irreversible advantage.

The clearer the situation on the Heaven Earth Board was, the easier it would be to predict the outcome.

Currently, the situation of the black and white stones was still in chaos.

The Supreme Lords that had analyzed the situation of the board so far already had their doubts.

There were only five battles left between the remaining ten people, and one of them didn't need to fight. Then, out of the six people, there would be another three battles.

Although there had been many victories and defeats, the remaining battles were insufficient to fill up the entire Heaven Earth Board.

That was when the mysterious girl activated the round-robin system. When this rule was announced, Lone shot into the sky with his sword and landed on a stone.

He slowly came to reason and looked at Zen. He was still in a daze, as if he didn't know what had happened just now.

"We Lost," the broken sword said to Lone.

"Lost! I am eliminated..." Lone's face darkened.

"We still have a chance..."

"All right!"

The relationship between Lone and the sword was like the relationship between a person's lips and teeth.

Lone treated his sword as his teacher, and his sword treated him as a family.

Even if he was occasionally controlled by his sword, he didn't mind. He was clear that if it wasn't for this sword, he wouldn't be as powerful as he was today.

"What a pity..." Rocher gently shook his head.

He knew that Zen had other ways of resisting the sword, but he had still managed to pull off a trick.

However, Zen hadn't done anything wrong. It was a tactic to conserve his strength as much as possible before the final battle.

It was not only Zen who was doing this; every other Godly Genius present was doing the same thing.

Round-robin battles could more accurately determine the differences in strength, and at th

used her claw to strike down from above.

This time, Shania looked up and raised her hand above her forehead, as if she was blocking out the sun.

Then, she extended a single finger to block Lucille's attack once again.

Not only did this scene sour Lucille's mood, but it also agitated the entire Ji Clan.

"The Five Elements Supreme Claw... Even Nathan cannot block it so easily!"

"Who on earth is this Shania?!"

"Due to the internal strife within the Demon Night race, they haven't produced any amazing talents. How did this one appear out of nowhere?"

In the past few years, although the competition between the two queens of the Demon Night race had not affected the foundation of the entire race, it had definitely affected their prosperity. What was most obvious was that the number of geniuses had drastically decreased. When the world of chaos had arrived, the geniuses of all the races had turned up, but the Demon Night race had been an exception. Their talents couldn't compete with those from other races at all.

But this time, much to everyone's confusion, a talent from the Demon Night race had suddenly appeared.

"I told you, I wasn't done yet. Are you ready to listen now?" Shania stubbornly repeated, as if she wasn't going to make a move before she finished her words.

Lucille's forehead was slightly creased. She stared at Shania and asked, "What do you want to say?"

"That's more like it." Shania smiled. A plant rapidly grew on her palm, and from it bloomed a blood-red rose. "Your aptitude and future are limitless, but now that you've met me, it's better to surrender as soon as possible. In any case, this is a round-robin battle; if you surrender, you won't be eliminated. Although warriors can't die in this Illusion Battlefield, crushing the mind and body of such a seedling would be a sin on my part."

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