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   Chapter 1687 Take Advantage Of The Situation

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The Primal Chaos Technique was related to his master, and even his own secret physical body. How could Zen tell Lone, the Otherworldly Swordsman about it that easily?

He had followed suit the moment he witnessed Chaotic Life Vitality Strike.

Its effect was astonishing.

Lone's strike with his mighty sword even helped Zen gain new insights.

He smiled slightly, and then answered confidently, "I got it by chance!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the spear thrust forward like a dragon!

The Saint Killing Spear was so powerful that it could destroy anything. Even though its power was much lesser than that of supreme chaotic weapon, the destruction it could cause was astonishing.

Besides, the spear light contained a sort of gray glow which was formed with a combination of Metal Law and chaotic energy.

Even though Zen had forced Lone into a predicament, he wasn't ready to give up just yet.

The sword he was carrying had originated in the divine land.

It had accompanied its former master for tens of billions of years. However, after its former master died during the battle in the Spirit Mountain, severe efforts to destroy it were made. The sword was still powerful, but had dulled a lot as compared to its original state.

The ultimate purpose of the sword was to let Lone grow and become more and more powerful. In that way, he would one day become a True God, who could bring the sword back to the divine land and restore it to its original glory! Until then, the sword would take its revenge on those who had harmed its former master and itself.

That was the reason it had paid such a price to sneak into the Illusion Battlefield and help the Otherworldly Swordsman get a chance to participate in the challenge.

The top ten warriors were going to be awarded with a Godly Plate.

The sword was aware that the Godly Plate was a necessity for someone who wanted to become a True God. But that only wasn't enough to make them a True God. To become a True God, a warrior had to satisfy a lot of requirements.

Thus if he became more powerful, the Otherworldly Swordsman ultimately had the chances to become a True God.

However, the catch was that he was losing to Zen. But the sword was unwilling to accept the defeat.

A touch of indignation could be seen on Lone's face.

"Do you really think... you can defeat me?"

Zen's spear was already flying toward him. Lone raised his sword and gently put it down.

Lone acted like he was placing the sword back in the rack, but suddenly started to sway it in the air.

He then retreated a few steps back, and fell down on the ground. His eyes were shut, mouth half-open. He really did seem unconscious.

Everyone's attention, including Zen's, was on him. Suddenly, the sword swung up in the air and sprinted straight toward Zen.

The sword itself was battling against Zen!

In the battle ring,

Buddhist jade bead between his palms slowly. He only said one word softly, "Amitabha..."

As for Margaret, she was highly tensed. Her lips were curled, and her eyebrows furrowed in anticipation. If Zen got eliminated, she would admit defeat immediately and head to universe to look for him.

The sword didn't give Zen much time once the aura started to burst forth. In the blink of an eye, it dashed at Zen!

A faint smile appeared on Zen's face...

He raised the spear horizontally. With a quick movement of fingers, he shot out a thin wind blade and thrust it towards Lone instead of the sword!


Lone was still unconscious, in no condition to resist the blade.

And so, Zen managed to cut his head off effortlessly.

The sword was advancing toward Zen at the same time, but halted right before it was about to pierce his chest.

"Zen Luo wins this battle! Lone, the Otherworldly Swordsman loses..."

The mysterious young girl's voice announced the result.

According to the rules of the Heaven Earth Board, the warrior was pronounced winner as soon as the opponent admitted defeat or was killed.

Zen wasn't sure about whether his trick would work or not, but he knew it was worth a shot. He realized he only needed to kill Lone who lay behind him to really achieve victory. He could win this time because he knew how to take advantage of a situation.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..."

The sword vibrated violently in front of his chest, as if it was unwilling to give up. It seemed like it was still determined to stab and kill him!

However, the mysterious girl was watching them closely. She had made the announcement based on the rules. She wouldn't let Zen be killed unlawfully.

"The stones on the Heaven Earth Board are not enough. The top ten warriors will now participate in the round-robin battle. No one is eliminated," the girl announced, after which the sword finally stopped vibrating.

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