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   Chapter 1686 Supreme Weapons

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The Chaotic Life Vitality Strike exerted by the broken sword was not the fully complete version.

If this sword had been at its peak, it would have been able to form both negative and positive energies. With the negative and positive energies as its foundation, it would easily have formed a chaotic hole, and grey light formed from the condensed chaotic energy would have been born from the chaotic hole.

However, since the sword was damaged, its power had already plateaued at its lowest point, not to mention that its owner was a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm.

In the end, the sword took control as a sentient weapon, and it resolutely came up with an alternative plan.

And that was to use the Metal Law as a base to replace the chaotic hole.

However, the Metal Law was still a much weaker source of energy. Thus, the Chaotic Life Vitality Strike was a far cry from what it used to be.

However, it was still strong enough to easily destroy Zen, like stepping on an ant.

Even the True Gods feared chaotic energy. Despite the strike having been weakened countless times, how could a mere Soul Sea Realm warrior hope to withstand it?

However, the broken sword had borne witness to such an incredible scene.

When Zen's spear was raised and poised for the attack, it similarly used the Metal Law as the base to condense a grey light.

Chaotic Life Vitality Strike?

The Metal Law at the tip of the spear was a mere presence and was hardly worth mentioning.

But what was the grey light?


The broken sword had traveled down from the divine land, so it naturally knew how terrifying chaotic energy could be.

All things were returned to the chaos, which also formed both the foundation and the tomb of all living beings. Even now, warriors had yet to thoroughly study and comprehend the mysteries of the chaos.

In order to use the power of chaotic energy, the True Gods in the divine land had spent countless years researching it, but had all come up empty-handed.

However, one of the divine-level weapon refiners found a completely different approach.

He had departed from the path of using primordial energy to refine weapons, and instead began to use chaotic energy to refine weapons.

Thus, a new path of weapon refining appeared in the universe. From then on, weapon refining was divided into two great paths, and there were also two different kinds of weapons being developed. One was the supreme primordial weapons, while the other was the supreme chaotic weapons.

Only supreme chaotic weapons could directly channel chaotic energy.

'This guy is a mere human. He is only a junior at the Soul Sea Realm.

How could he possibly harness chaotic energy?'

thought the broken sword. The shock it felt was beyond description.

It had been purely coincidental that Zen had been able to master the Primal Chaos Technique back then.

Actually, the reason why Zen's master had created the Primal Chaos Technique in the first place, was that he had become enlightened by the refining method of supreme chaotic weapons.

Zen's master wasn't the only one who spent time contemplating this in the divine land.

To put it bluntly, to use chaotic energy to further your cultivation, what you needed to do was convert chaotic energy

o longer use the normal rules to investigate the existence of these treasures, while the Universe Spirit Tablet relied on a special Law of Causality to collect the rankings of all these treasures and even rank them.

In the universe, besides the broken sword, there were still two supreme chaotic weapons and two supreme primordial weapons. Somehow, one of the supreme chaotic weapons had ended up in the hands of the old leader of the Celestial Position race.

From the moment that Lone had stabbed out with the Chaotic Life Vitality Strike, some Supreme Lords had begun to pay special attention to that broken sword. Before this, they had never imagined that this broken sword could actually be a supreme chaotic weapon.

What they had never anticipated was that

the last thrust by Zen's spear also contained the chaotic energy.

Ordinary warriors wouldn't be able to perceive the mystery behind the events of the fight. They just saw that Zen suddenly displayed his strength and chased after Lone. It turned out he would turn the tables and win the battle.

However, they couldn't understand at all why Zen had suddenly been able to turn the tables and reversed the situation.

The Supreme Lords were able to understand what was going on. Yet, being able to understand what was going on did not mean that they could understand the reason behind this. Just like Lone's broken sword, they had no idea where Zen had obtained the chaotic energy.

'Could it be that within his body, there's a chaotic sea?'

This thought flashed through the mind of Supreme Lord of Original Sin, who was the leader of the Thoughtless Minds.

This speculation was quite accurate, but it seemed extremely unreasonable. How could Zen possess a chaotic sea?

"Wait, wait..."

Lone kept retreating, and suddenly spoke up. From the looks of it, he seemed to be giving up on resisting.

Zen held his spear at the ready as he stared coldly at Lone. "What do you want to say?"

"Where did you get the chaotic energy you're using?" Lone could not help but ask. At this moment, his soul had already been completely sealed, so it was in fact the broken sword that was speaking through his lips.

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