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   Chapter 1685 A Ray Of Grey Light

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The Chaotic Life Vitality Strike wasn't a cultivation method from the divine land, or to be more specific, it wasn't a cultivation method used by some True God.

A system of cultivating chaotic energy wasn't something that existed in the divine land. There weren't any chaotic-energy cultivation methods suitable for True Gods—in theory.

However, the creation of the Chaotic Life Vitality Strike proved this theory somewhat wrong. As a supreme chaotic weapon, this dark, iron sword birthed the theurgy of utilizing chaotic energy.

It also had a very bad temper.

Zen had lured Lone into a trap last time in the Illusion Battlefield. This was already equivalent to messing with the sword itself.

It had to use its theurgy to deal with Zen.

"He is using chaotic energy!"

There was a split-second pause on Zen's part. He was momentarily stunned by this sudden turn of events.

His chaotic sea was becoming more viscous by the minute, and the World Tree was gradually emerging from within.

He had felt it for quite a while—that faint feeling of being on the cusp of a breakthrough. If he ascended to the Spirit Supreme Realm, then his chaotic sea would solidify.

Chaos originally existed as an aura.

Zen already knew about this when he first read his master's book and saw him roaming about in the chaos.

He had been gradually liquefying and solidifying chaos as he cultivated. He wondered how his inner world would be in the future.

There was only one problem now, though.

He really couldn't figure out why Lone had control over the chaos as well.

'Didn't Master tell me that nobody had managed to successfully cultivate the Primal Chaos Technique?

Even Master himself failed to practice the technique. How could Lone use chaotic energy?' Zen thought to himself.

'I must retreat!'

It was a split-second decision, born out of the unsureness of the situation.

The Chaotic Life Vitality Strike was amazing.

Lone didn't transform his chaotic energy into life vitality, but directly fused it with the Metal Law.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Golden and grey rays of light started shooting towards Zen as he attempted to flee.

The golden light wasn't a big problem since Zen's divine weapon body could resist and deflect it. The grey light, however, was an entirely different story.



The grey light seemed to have the ability to pierce through anything. At that moment, both rays of light reached Zen.

The golden light failed to break through his defenses.

The grey light, on the other hand, easily pierced through him—quite literally. There was a bloody hole of melted flesh from where Zen had gotten hit by the grey

chicken with an extremely sharp knife.

This sword was sentient and had intelligence. It normally would not deal with Lone's opponents since the young man had to hone his own skills to be able to win against his rivals. However, this battle was a special case. The sword needed to wash away its shame of being played by Zen. It had a personal vendetta against the young warrior and it was determined to kill him in the most violent way possible.

"Go to hell!"

Lone screamed, ready to unleash the Chaotic Life Vitality Strike again.

Zen's body was already riddled with holes, and everyone was already counting on his death.

However, at that moment, he raised his spear and pointed it at Lone. A smile then appeared on his face.

The smile made Lone hesitate. Why would someone in such a compromised position smile?

This young man most probably had some tricks up his sleeve.

But what exactly were these tricks?

The sword had already witnessed everything. There was no way it could be hoodwinked by someone like Zen.

There was no way this battle was turning around. Lone himself didn't think that there was any secret cultivation method that could go up against the Chaotic Life Vitality Strike.

It was only a few moments later that Lone would understand what was going on.

A golden ray of light burst forth from the tip of Zen's spear.

Lone immediately knew what it was. It was the fifth layer of Metal Law, condensed by life vitality. He wanted to laugh. There was no way this would be enough. If Zen wanted to resist the Chaotic Life Vitality Strike, then he would at least need to comprehend up to the Metal Law's eighth layer.

However, after that flash of golden light came a burst of grey.

Lone's eyes widened in shock as he witnessed the sight!

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