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   Chapter 1684 Supreme Chaotic Weapon

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There was a scornful smirk on Lone's face as he stood still, his indifferent gaze fixed on Zen.

He thought that Zen was only able to face him now because he got lucky, and he was wielding the Saint Killing Spear of the Demon Night race.

"The one who made that spear is quite brilliant. He integrated the advantages of the two divine woods in it, so this spear's power can be released to the maximum," the dark iron sword communicated to Lone. It continued, "But the four divine trees are ginormous. That spear only has two pieces of woods in it, so it doesn't have much spirituality. The weapons which are born in the current round of heavens are congenitally deficient. The divine trees' roots are outside the Sighing Wall and absorbing infinite chaotic energy there. Without the chaotic energy's nourishment, the divine woods will rot. Ha-ha! Go and kill him. Teach him a lesson about the huge difference between a loser and a winner!"

Lone nodded with a smile. Not only was this sword his weapon, it was also his friend and teacher. It could be said that if it wasn't for his sword, he wouldn't have made such an achievement.

"This Zen seems to have an issue with Lone before, right?"

"I think Zen will lose this time. He doesn't seem proficient with the spear, even though he had used the Saint Killing Spear to fight his way here. Now, he's faced with the Godly Geniuses who have real power, so he'll have to show his true colors!"

"Lone's sword is very special. It must be a supreme divine weapon, but it is not on the Spirit Tablet."

"Haven't you heard? There are some extremely powerful weapons which have surpassed the limit of the Spirit Tablet in this round of our universe. They're not listed in the Spirit Tablet."

Some of the spectators discussed among themselves. It was known that the Universe Spirit Tablet detected weapons that appeared in the universe.

Of course, weapons beyond the universe wouldn't be detected.

It was similar to Zen's will of the great world, because Zen couldn't find related memories of the things beyond the great world.

When Lone showed his power for the first time in the competition of the four clans, many people, even some Supreme Lords included had marked his sword.

It could be said that Lone was an overmatch of his generation.

However, there were too many masters in the universe. Some of them were able to take his sword away.

Yet, all those masters gave up after they made contact with Lone. The reason was quite interesting.

Now, most of them just wanted to watch their battle for fun.

They were particularly excited about this battle because Zen was so

created everything, it was purer and more powerful than life vitality. It was a huge benefit for his cultivation.

Still, it wasn't a proper use of the chaotic energy--or was it?

It was actually a careless omission by Zen's master.

Even Zen's master didn't expect that someone would really succeed in cultivating the Primal Chaos Technique.

Were there cultivation methods on the use of the chaotic energy in the divine land?

Clearly, there were!

However, even a True God would die at a mere touch of the chaotic energy. It was what made it difficult to use.

Although the True Gods couldn't use the chaotic energy directly, there were two things they could use.

The first were the four divine woods, and the second were the supreme chaotic weapons.

Just like what the iron sword said, the four divine woods were located in four directions. They were nourished by chaos.

Their hundred million mile-long roots grew outside the Sighing Wall and continuously absorbed the chaotic energy. Only the divine woods nourished with the chaotic energy could support the huge divine land.

The chaotic energy was immensely powerful, so there were always True Gods who planned to use it.

A few gifted masters were born after millions of years of study. They had succeeded in making supreme chaotic weapons using the chaotic energy as one of the materials.

These weapons were formed in the chaos, so they could control the chaotic energy to some extent.

One of those weapons was Lone's dark iron sword, a supreme chaotic weapon from the divine land.

Although the sword was broken and its power and spirituality were much less now, it was still a supreme weapon that was refined in chaos. Thus, it was normal for it to emit faint grey light.

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