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   Chapter 1683 Formidable Kurt

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Zen did not have any ill feelings towards Nathan.

The two of them had hardly interacted.

But now that Nathan had spoken to Margaret like that, it meant he had ignored Zen.

Margaret had not married him, but she was still his girl.

There were many ways in which Zen could be magnanimous. But how could he bear others lusting after his girl?

"How ridiculous!"

Margaret, who was slowly floating up onto the stone, pursed her lips and said.

She didn't believe Nathan's explanation of fate for a minute, but she was still a little panicked. She was afraid that her fate would take the path that Nathan had predicted.

Nathan had just predicted her fate according to the situation on the Heaven Earth Board but he hadn't talked about Zen's fate. If what he said was true, what would happen to Zen?

"It's just a madman babbling his mad talk. Don't take his words to heart," Zen said with a smile.

"I'm not taking it to heart," Margaret said, winking at him. She'd been afraid that Zen wouldn't be happy. But watching his relaxed expression relieved her to no end.

How could she have known what went on in a man's mind? In many ways, a man had to bear a lot of pressure, but this was intolerable.

Zen looked relaxed, but he had already made up his mind to kill Nathan.

The first battle had ended with Margaret admitting defeat, but since it was not an elimination battle, there were still eleven people.

Soon, the second battle began.

Just as Nathan had guessed, the two stones for the second battle had been chosen in a baffling manner. What was more, they were in different directions and neither of the fighters had been eliminated.

At this stage, many of the winners and losers were crucial. But the black and white sides did not tangle with each other. Instead, they began to arrange their territories once again.

This battle was one between Lawson and the ogre warrior Parker. Parker was the only Godly Genius of the ogres.

The clash between the Godly Geniuses was usually extremely fierce. They were just one step away from acquiring a Godly Plate, so they were careful.

Although Lawson was extremely powerful, Parker was also a Godly Genius. Both sides were on guard.

But once both sides fell to the board, each waited for the other side to admit defeat.

The truth was, if either side were to admit defeat, it might have had an effect on the entire game, but not much of an impact on themselves.

However, the warriors who had come to this stage did not want to lose their momentum.

Lawson had initially been arrogant. He knew that Nathan was stronger than him, but he was still willing to scheme and kill him. So ho

ting. The Hidden Spirit Mountain gave off a mysterious aura to outsiders.

On the other hand, the ogres were now growling and cursing even more fiercely.

Their only ogre Godly Genius had been just a step away from acquiring a Godly Plate. And yet, he had been eliminated just before that.

It was no wonder they had become so depressed.

Apart from Shania, all of the other warriors on the painting were human. And the ogre warriors were finding it difficult to accept this result.

Some of the ogre world lords, in order to express their dissatisfaction, had even used extremely precious Roaring Tokens and roared at the entire universe.

But no matter how dissatisfied they were, they could only stare and do nothing.

Once the ogre warrior was eliminated, the remaining ten warriors would each receive a Godly Plate.

Everyone rejoiced, but they knew that they had to work hard to advance to the top three.

The next warrior who had been chosen to fight was Lone. And his opponent was Zen.

Lone was the first to be pushed onto the board. When he saw the giant hand grab Zen, he smiled with satisfaction.

"My luck isn't bad. I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time," Lone said as he stared at Zen.

Lone had suffered a huge loss in the Hall of Causality thanks to Zen.

He was worried that someone else would eliminate Zen before he got the chance. But who would've thought that he would run into Zen in this battle?

It was a pity that he wasn't the one who had fought with Zen in the previous round. Even if he defeated and killed Zen now, Zen would still be able to obtain a Godly Plate.

At Lone's words, Zen merely smiled and pulled out the Saint Killing Spear. He knew that he had to be careful while he fought a Godly Genius.

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