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   Chapter 1682 Gods Killing Sword Array

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Nathan had earned a very good reputation among the human forces.

He had survived a lot of terrible and miraculous experiences since his youth, and he had also relied on his own talent to gain recognition by the Xuanyuan Clan. Thanks to his consistently excellent efforts and persistence, he had reached great achievements and finally enjoyed the fruits of his labor by becoming a Godly Genius.

However, he had lived a solitary life all this time, without any woman to win his heart.

There were many beautiful women who had been willing, even keen, to marry him, but his focus was only on the martial arts, and he did not even spare a moment to glance at any woman.

However, when he suddenly expressed his love for Margaret in front of all the warriors in the universe, his words caused an uproar of note among the crowd.

After the scene unfolded before everyone's eyes, Margaret and Zen stayed beside each other, with a stone between them. They didn't seem to have any intimate behavior.

However, those warriors who were there at the scene saw that Margaret and Zen often snuggled up to each other. It was obvious that they were a couple.

The warriors who had been eliminated, and even those who had not been eliminated yet, were all stunned upon hearing Nathan say that he wanted Margaret to be his woman. They all thought that Nathan was too daring to say those words in front of Zen.

Although Nathan's speculation had made sense, Margaret was still Zen's woman. Anyway, it was not appropriate for him to offer those remarks. Besides, apart from Margaret, there were still many outstanding women who could be a perfect match for him. There was no need to be desperate. Given Nathan's high status, it was easy for him to have thirty thousand or even three hundred thousand women to accompany him...

"Ha-ha... Nathan really has a special taste in women," Lawson said to Lucille with a wry smile. His voice sounded rather unpleasant.

He and Lucille knew Nathan very well. Nathan had never been in a relationship before, and it seemed as if it was hard for him to trust just any woman. However, today his reckless behavior confused Lawson.

Lucille frowned slightly. Nathan seemed to say those words with an earnest intent to try and persuade Margaret to be with him, by taking advantage of their destiny. However, even if his speculations were true, Margaret was already Zen's woman, and he would not have a chance to start a love relationship with her. So he should not have said those words.

After hearing Nathan's love confession, Margaret rudely stated that he was crazy and ignored him. Then she stepped onto the black stone.

"Margaret, please, wait a moment," Nathan rapidly took a step and reached her in an instant, seemingly intent on stopping her.

At this moment, Margaret suddenly wheeled about, and her long hair spiraled upwards as four sword shadows shot out all of a sudden.

"Swish, swish, swish, swish..."

The four sword shadows were illusory, so they w

Godly Geniuses.

Now, with Margaret's unexpected display of the Gods Killing Sword Array, everyone was astonished by her.

The killing intent from the Gods Killing Sword Array was indeed formidable, and it could even be regarded as having its own internal momentum. Could it be that Margaret had also managed to activate her Mahayana Lotus Flower? Was she secretly also a Godly Genius?

With four virtual swords floating around her, Margaret glanced at Nathan who was not far away from her, and hissed, "Don't get close to me!"

Then she gently leaped from her own stone and chose to admit defeat.

In this round of the battle, Margaret lost, by choice.

Nathan stood still, favoring an embarrassed expression on his face.

At the beginning, he had been so confident and brave to tell others about the destiny he had deduced. But now, he had been scared by the sword array and had backed away, which placed him in an awkward situation.

He was, after all, the number one Godly Genius!

Being the most outstanding warrior among his peers, he had never been afraid of anyone or anything before.

But the killing intent releasing from the sword array moments ago was indeed too terrible to behold. Even when he thought of it now, he still believed that it was the correct choice for him to retreat at the time.

Nathan might not have been able to break the sword array, and he still thought that if he had been trapped in it, he would surely have been killed.

When thinking of Margaret, he believed that his earlier speculation was proven correct.

Margaret was the only one who could be a perfect match for him, but she just didn't believe that, yet...

Right at this moment, he raised his head slightly and saw someone on a stone not far away staring at him. That warrior was none other than Zen.

Zen just looked at him with an extremely calm and meaningful gaze.

They didn't say anything to each other, but then Nathan returned to his own stone after he gave a brief snort.

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