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   Chapter 1681 The Fate Of The Eleven (Part Two)

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But Margaret was already thinking ahead of others. When she noticed that the white stone's placement wasn't anything strategic, she gently stepped down from the stone and stood on the board.

By just making it up to this point, she had already achieved the goal that her master had set for her.

Her master didn't require her to exert herself.

Moreover, this was not a knockout round so she didn't have to fight her opponent. Besides, she was slack in martial arts cultivation, so it was better for her not to face Nathan.

As soon as she stepped onto the board, she smiled sweetly and was ready to admit defeat.

For many, Margaret made a wise decision. They understood her intention considering the two recent moves. And who would want to face Nathan head-on?

But before Margaret could announce her surrender, Nathan cut her off and spoke, "Margaret, it's a great honor to spar with you!"

"What?" Margaret blinked in confusion. She smiled at him and explained, "You see, I have no intention to fight you. I admit defeat-"

"You can't!" Nathan interrupted.

"Why?" Margaret was confused. Why couldn't she admit defeat? Was it against any rule?

Nathan said with a faint smile, "Margaret, do you know that the situation on the Heaven Earth Board predicts our future?"

"Yes, I know. You don't have to tell me," she replied dully. As a Go master, Margaret had fully understood the meaning of this game. However, she did not care about it at all or anything about the conflicts in the universe. She thought that those had nothing to do with her. The only reason she was here was because of the man she loved and she just wished to stay by his side forever.

Nathan was somehow disappointed by her indifferent reaction. But he then walked towards the other side of the board and said, "I've mastered

called her back. "Wait a minute!"

Margaret turned around with her eyebrows raised and face filled with impatience. This time, she couldn't hide her anger towards Nathan, "Just tell it to me directly! Stop beating around the bush! I don't understand what you're trying to imply!"

"I mean, this game of Go not only represents the future of the universe but also indicates the fates of the eleven people here. Don't you know? We are now the protagonists of this world of chaos. And your fate is closely intertwined with mine, so you will be my woman in the future!" Nathan tried to explain it as straightforward as possible to Margaret. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, his face remained calm.

For a moment, Margaret stood there dumbfounded and stared at him blankly.

Nathan tried to remain composed. He was radiating with overflowing confidence. He knew he was a man of great charm. And now that he was part of the top eleven, there was no denying that he had become every woman's dream. Now, he couldn't imagine how Margaret would react to his confession. Would she jump for joy? Would she kiss and hug him?

But contrary to what he anticipated, Margaret asked with disdain, "Are you nuts?"

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