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   Chapter 1680 The Fate Of The Eleven (Part One)

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Just by looking at these eleven warriors, the Thoughtless Minds had proven to the entire universe that they were the force with the greatest potentials.

Amongst the eleven warriors were Lawson, Nathan, Lucille, and Rocher. The first three were direct descendants of the big clans of the Thoughtless Minds. Rocher, on the other hand, had ascended to the region of the Thoughtless Minds, thus making him a legitimate member of the said force.

In other words, the Thoughtless Minds had obtained four seats out of the eleven, outnumbering the other forces.

The Demon Night, the ogres, and the Blessed Buddha Land each had obtained the only seat in the top eleven.

Meanwhile, the Humanity Alliance had almost failed to make it to this round.

The only Godly Genius from the Humanity Alliance who had made it into the top 300 was easily defeated by Lawson from the Thoughtless Minds. Therefore, he was eliminated and didn't make it to the top eleven. The Humanity Alliance was nearly off this game!

Luckily, there was Zen. Before the Illusion Battlefield had begun, Zen had ascended to one sacred place of the Humanity Alliance. Thus, he was considered a legitimate member of the alliance. He was now the last hope of the Humanity Alliance in the Illusion Battlefield.

Right now, the situation on the board had become quite complicated.

The tables had turned — the long line of white stones was cut off, giving the black stones the greatest advantage. Now, the black stones had successfully separated the territories the white stones had occupied

The Supreme Lords had hearts in their mouths with the sudden turn of events. They were like cats on hot bricks.

This game of Go symbolized the evolution of this grand era — the past, present, and future. In the beginning, the white stones' triumphs demonstrated the early years of this grand era up to the prosperity of the human race. This was the past.


he hand to choose one of them... and it was Margaret!


The stone that Margaret was on was then placed on the board.

At this point, the game had reached its most crucial part where every move mattered. One wrong move and it would be game over!

But to everyone's surprise, Margaret's stone was placed at a corner that didn't make sense to the territories of both sides.

Everyone was left stunned by the last move.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't understand why the hand made a meaningless move with the black stone.

Margaret herself was dumbfounded by the move. She was a Go master herself; thus, she immediately recognized that the move was inappropriate.

The hand then made its move in the white stones.

And this time, it was Nathan from the Thoughtless Minds!

Anyone would normally feel unlucky and upset if they were to face Nathan in a battle.

However, at that moment, they considered Margaret as lucky.

This was because they noticed that the white stone was also placed at a rather strange spot.

The spots they were placed in were not strategic. And since no stone was pulled out from the game with these two moves, neither Margaret nor Nathan would be eliminated. They could choose not to fight, and admit defeat directly.

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