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   Chapter 1679 The Final Eleven People

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The information that Zen had entrusted her to investigate hadn't been sent back from the divine land until now.

However, what she didn't know was that this matter was far beyond her imagination.

In the eyes of the mysterious girl, Zen was just a being born from the universe.

She had been staying in this round of the heavens for many years, putting her heart and soul into the kalpas of three lives:

the Past Solemn Kalpa, the Present Sage Kalpa, and the Future Constellation Kalpa.

Although she really hated those Buddhists, she had to admit that they were powerful. She could only stay here and help take care of this round of heavens.

Zen's appearance had surprised her a lot.

Moreover, she had never expected that his Roaring Token could trigger the Perception Sound, which was one of the rules of the heavens.

After all, she was the one who had created the Roaring Tapir and placed it in the universe.

Eons ago, she'd felt that the universe was too quiet, so when she created the Roaring Tapir, she gave it the Perception Sound, which was one of the rules of the heavens.

The beings of the universe were all very intelligent. After discovering the Roaring Tapir's theurgy, they had immediately used it without restraint, which was why the universe was so lively now.

However, the mysterious girl had not dared to cross the line. If there were too many Roaring Tapirs, the universe would become noisy and there would be no peace.

As there was a fixed number of Roaring Tapirs, the Roaring Token had become valuable in the universe.

But Zen's Roaring Token was different.

He could forcefully communicate with the heavens and activate the Perception Sound.

The mysterious girl had once made five Roaring Tokens with no restrictions, but later, because the world of chaos ended, she had taken them all back.

In other words, other than her, no one else in the universe could release the Perception Sound at will, except for Zen.

Zen's Roaring Token was truly extraordinary.

There were many rules of the heavens and the mysterious girl was the one who was in charge of them.

Even the authority to trigger the Perception Sound was in her hands.

Some of the times when Zen had used the Roaring Token, she had tried to stop him.

But strangely enough, she hadn't been able to stop him from activating the Perception Sound.

The truth was, she bore no ill intention toward Zen. She was merely curious as to why Zen was able to do something that should have been impossible. Could it be that Zen had a higher authority in the heavens than she did?

How could this happen?

She had asked Zen this question, but he hadn't answered truthfully.

She'd analyzed the situation and carefully pondered over it, but she hadn't been able to come up with anything.

But from what she'd heard, she finally understood why it would take years to have news of Yan.

'Well, these fellows have a

minated an ace talent of the Celestial Position.

Then, with a single move from Nathan, an ace talent of some small clan was eliminated.

Margaret fought again, eliminating an ace talent of the Night Group.

With every elimination match, one person was eliminated, so in this short period of time, four people were eliminated.

Along with the seesaw battles on the Heaven Earth Board, the probability of elimination had greatly increased.

The 300 martial artists were eliminated one by one and the number of ace talents in the sky was rapidly shrinking.

Not long after, more than half of the 300 candidates were eliminated.

However, although quite a few people were eliminated, there were very few truly intense battles.

After all, the Godly Geniuses hadn't even had a chance to face off against each other yet.

It was unknown if it was because of the mysterious girl's deliberate arrangements or because of fate, but more and more people were eliminated quickly.





Finally, the number dwindled down to 11.

Everyone in the top ten would be able to acquire a Godly Plate.

However, there were 11 of them right now.

They were Zen, Margaret, Nathan, Lawson, Lucille, Rocher, Karl, Parker, Shania, the Otherworldly Swordsman, and Kurt.

Among the 11 people, Zen, Margaret, and Lucille were the only ones who were not Godly Geniuses. And no one was sure whether Rocher was a Godly Genius or not.

As for the other seven people, they were all Godly Geniuses with different powers. They had comprehended the Godly Way and possessed the internal momentum. They were the strongest in their generation, and they were favored by this era.

Since only the top ten would get Godly Plates, everyone was eager to know who would be eliminated next.

All the living creatures in the universe were watching the Illusion Space with bated breath.

Of these 11 people, who would be the first to be eliminated?

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