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   Chapter 1678 The Broken Peach Blossom

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Two legs and one arm

were floating in front of Zen.

Cindy looked up at him with a faint smile on her face.

Under such circumstances, her smile seemed extremely cruel.

"Alas! How will Cindy be able to get married in the future?"

A relaxed atmosphere surrounded the Ji Clan.

The battle between Cindy and Zen was almost over. She had shown her true colors in front of the entire universe. Now, after revealing how cruel she was, she wouldn't be able to find someone to marry her.

"Ha-ha! Zen was very unlucky to have met our Cindy."

"Well, I actually think he is lucky to have met her in the Illusion Battlefield. After all, he won't really die."

"After all, he is still a warrior from the Lower World. Even if he has ascended to the Upper World, he is still unable to match any of those mighty warriors. A sparrow will never become a phoenix. How could he even think he could defeat the most fierce warrior of our Ji Clan?"

The Ji Clan's warriors discussed the battle among themselves, each expressing their real feelings about Zen.

Zen might not be as strong as Cindy, but his fame had spread across the universe. If she killed him, the Ji Clan would be known everywhere.

At this moment, Janet's hand was caressing the flame kitten's vermilion fur as she stared at Zen in a daze.

"This is bad!"

she said while shaking her head.

The warriors standing beside Janet were the young talents of the Ji Clan. They had been eliminated in the Illusion Battlefield. Most of them didn't pass through the first stage. Four of them had advanced to the second stage, three of which were eliminated right there.

Since Janet had been able to enter the second stage, she was considered a top warrior among them.

"Janet, what do you mean by that?" a girl asked.

Janet's eyes glimmered as she said, "I'm afraid Cindy's going to lose."

"What did you say? You must be joking!" the girl laughed out loud.

And suddenly, as Janet finished speaking, the picture changed.

Zen suddenly twisted his body in the air and stretched out his hand to grab his severed arm. His space ring was on the finger of the severed arm.

All of this happened in a split-second.

Zen only had one chance.

The opponent he was facing was one of the strongest among the young generation of warriors in the universe.

Regardless of whether it was Nathan, Karl or Cindy, they were all well-trained. Their clans had invested incalculable resources to train the best warriors. They possessed the fate to lead the world of chaos and would play important roles in the upcoming crisis of the universe.

If he wanted to defeat Cindy, he couldn't afford to make a single mistake.

Zen took out his sword, flipped it over, and thrust it out.

All these were

in big trouble.


Cindy fell to the board and was immediately eliminated from the battle.

Zen won the battle.

Cindy slowly disappeared from the Heaven Earth Board with a raging face. No matter how unwilling she was, she was still sent out of the Illusion Battlefield.

Zen shook his head.

"This woman is so evil!"

Margaret said angrily. Even though Zen had won this battle, she was still angry at Cindy for torturing him.

Zen smiled and said, "You can't really blame her."

"What? So now you actually care for that woman?" Margaret raised her thin eyebrows at Zen.

Rocher agreed with Zen by saying, "She cultivates the Dream Godly Way and is unable to fight with you face to face. She can only use scheming techniques to draw you into her dream. This is also a way of fighting, and it has nothing to do with being evil or good."

"You are right." Zen nodded.

All the warriors in the universe would display their strengths.

A warrior would be faster than the other. Another warrior would be stronger. Every warrior had something that made them unique.

The battles in the Illusion Battlefield continued. The next round was not a knock-out battle. The woman in pink chose Margaret and an ace talent from another race to fight.

At this moment, high up in the sky, a streak of nine-colored light began to revolve slowly.

Not long after, a skylark flew out from the light and flew towards the thick clouds. It flew towards the great hall in the middle of the clouds, and its pair of bird claws landed on the mysterious girl's pinky finger.

The mysterious girl tilted her head slightly, listening to what the skylark was saying.

Her eyes lit up. "You've already found out about Yan? She..."

The mysterious girl looked astonished.

She hadn't looked like this in hundreds of millions of years.

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