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   Chapter 1677 Severed Limbs

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On the Heaven Earth Board, Zen was being treated like a punching bag.

He was being swung back and forth by Cindy's invisible force, but he was powerless to resist.

The truth was, he still had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

However, in the Emerald Dream, the Thunderbolt Annihilation and the Stellar Body didn't work at all.

Just now, when Zen had seen Cindy block his spear attack with just her fingertip, he'd already realized that no matter how powerful he was, it would be impossible for him to defeat his opponent in the Emerald Dream.

As a matter of fact, the two of them weren't really fighting. Instead, they were in a dream.

From the very beginning, Zen had been drawn into Cindy's dream.

He had never heard of the Dream Godly Way, which was one of the 3, 000 Godly Ways. However, he had heard that somewhere in the universe, there was some kind of dream killing technique. With that technique, a martial artist could quietly sneak into one's dream and kill him.

The world in the dream could be anything because it was completely built by the martial artist's thoughts.

Now, Cindy was the goddess of the Emerald Dream.

No matter how strong Zen was, he could never be a match for her as long as they were here.

The key was to leave the Emerald Dream.

Trapping Zen in the Emerald Dream was undoubtedly an extremely powerful technique. However, if Zen managed to leave the dream, it would be extremely easy for him to fight back and even defeat Cindy.

'The dream killing technique... The Dream Godly Way...

This is her dream, not mine.

So how did she draw me into her dream?' Zen thought to himself.

Dreams were a series of images, events, and feelings that happened in one's mind when he or she was asleep.

Generally speaking, no one could determine what he or she would dream about.

However, it was a common notion that whatever one thought about during the day, that was what they would dream of at night. Dreams often reflected real life.

'So I was stealthily drawn into the Emerald Dream?

What did she say to me before she drew me here?' Zen wondered inwardly.


Do you like peach blossoms?"

Yes! Peach blossoms! He remembered it now.

Zen's heart skipped a beat.

Cindy had used peach blossoms as a guide to pull him into her dream.

Now, in the Emerald Dream, there were countless peach blossoms floating slowly around them. They were a beautiful sight to behold.

These peach blossoms were the base of the dream, making Zen unable to wake up.


Another heavy blow from Cindy directly slammed Zen onto the edge of the Heaven Earth Board before he heavily rebounded backward.

With his new train of thought, Zen had given up resisting.

he was only two steps away from Cindy. As long as Cindy didn't realize that he had noticed the peach blossom, he would still have a chance.

Cindy raised her head to look at Zen and smiled charmingly once again. "Actually, you can admit defeat. I'm very kind. I can't bear to see others shed tears or bleed."

Enduring the pain, Zen forced a smile. "As a martial artist, there's no avoiding blood. But I won't cry!"

"Oh, really?" Cindy pouted like a child. "But I really want to see you cry."

After saying that, she made another slanted gesture with her finger.


It was as if the sharpest sword had cut into Zen's leg.

It forcefully separated his right leg from his body.


Even though she knew that Zen wouldn't die in the Illusion Battlefield, Margaret couldn't bear to watch such a bloody scene and angrily shouted on the stone.

The more Cindy wanted to torture him, the calmer his expression became.

Cindy took great pleasure in torturing her opponents in her dream, and this was obvious to Zen.

So, he decided to put on a show and let her know that although he was powerless to fight back, he would be unyielding to her.

Meanwhile, his real goal was the peach blossom on her bun.

"Once again!"

Cindy's finger lightly made a slanting gesture in the air again, separating Zen's other leg from his body as well.

The audience couldn't help but shake their heads.

In their eyes, although Zen was quite famous, he was not as powerful as Cindy. He was basically powerless to fight back in the face of ace talents of influential clans.

Since the beginning of the battle, he had not fought back effectively.

In fact, the vast majority of people in the universe didn't know that this was the Emerald Dream and couldn't understand how Cindy had become so powerful.

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