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   Chapter 1676 Struggles

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In terms of pure destructive power, no weapon in the whole universe could surpass the Saint Killing Spear.

However, in the Emerald Dream, it was instantly blocked by Cindy's outstretched finger.

The tip of her finger touched the glittering spear tip, and the deadly spear was unable to make even an inch headway.

"Pure strength is useless in the Emerald Dream," Cindy said with a teasing smile.

Zen's gaze suddenly focused and the power of the dragon scales within his body instantly burst out through every cell in his body. In the wink of an eye, he seemed to have activated the incalculable power of ten thousand dragon scales!

However, it was still useless.

When the tip of the spear touched Cindy's fingertip, it did not even scratch her skin.

At this moment, Zen did not hesitate even for a heartbeat. He pushed off the ground and hurriedly retreated backwards.

"Shadowy Spin!"

At the same time, a gigantic spear shadow plunged forward.

When the spear shadow shot out, it could kill ordinary ace talents with a single strike if they were not nimble enough to dodge in time.

If Zen himself were to receive the spear head-on, he probably wouldn't have withstood its onslaught either.

However, a peach blossom slowly tumbled down and coincidentally passed in front of Cindy, blocking the spear shadow.


The peach blossom violently split open.

The spear shadow formed by the Shadowy Spin was also instantly annihilated by the soft and succulent petal, while Cindy remained unscathed.

"In this dream, you are no match for me," she said as she continued to advance forward.

This exceedingly beautiful woman could instantly control everything in the Emerald Dream. This was her moment, and Zen was left helpless, or so it seemed.

She had created this dream. She had constructed the intricate rules for this fantasy. She was therefore the ruler of this enchantment.

Just how powerful was the Saint Killing Spear? It had destroyed the rules of the Illusion Battlefield to a certain extent, but here in this dream, it could not injure even her fingertip.

'So pure strength is useless, ' Zen thought as he narrowed his eyes in speculation and took a step back.

'If I can't break free from this Emerald Dream, I will lose without a doubt.'

Being eliminated now?!

Zen had never even contemplated this possibility.

However, how could he destroy the dream? He had no clue at this moment.

"I love the Emerald Dream the most as it is conceived from peach blossoms. Isn't this dream beautiful?" Cindy continued to maneuver closer to Zen. "Actually, the very instant that you entered my dream, you already lost. Now surrender!"

Zen retreated rapidly.

However, Cindy only needed to take one step to close the distance between them.

This wasn't because she had used the Space Law. She was only strolling forward casually.

Cindy was able to move across space without using the Space Law because she was the ruler of the Emerald Dream. Since this was her creation, she was omnipotent.

"Admit defeat!" said Cindy with a sweet smile.

How was Zen willing to admit defeat?

At this moment, a plan occurred to him, and he stuffed the spear into his space ring and suddenly jumped up.

However, before he could even raise his body, sh

saw this, Rocher was slightly stunned.


A crisp sound rang out from the trembling black stone beneath her feet. A crack had actually appeared on the black stone!

At this moment, everyone's attention was locked onto the Heaven Earth Board, and they were oblivious to what was happening off to the side, where Margaret was standing.

As they heard the cracking sound, all of the viewers instantly turned their attention to Margaret. Even the ace talents and Godly Geniuses were also startled by this new development.

'This woman actually broke the black stone? This is unbelievable!'

It had been an immutable rule that after each stone landed, no one was able to move them, except for the woman in pink.

Even though the previous battles had been rather fierce, and sometimes destroyed the board, no one had been able to move the stones.

But this woman was actually able to crack this stone!

The purple light around Margaret was getting thicker and thicker, and the range it was spreading across was also increasing. If this continued, she would truly be able to break free from the black stone and charge into the Heaven Earth Board.


A soft sigh quietly whispered through the air.

Soon after, faint rings of light appeared around the black stone.

The rings of light were layered, one over the other, binding Margaret.

Yet, even these rings of light weren't able to fully resist the purple light. They were slowly being corroded by the purple light.

Shock appeared in the eyes of the crowd. Even Nathan and the other warriors would not have been able to do such a thing. The woman in pink had actually made a move herself, yet she was unable to completely restrain Margaret. Such was the power of the purple light.

What on earth was her purple light made of? What was its origin?

However, as the purple light corroded the rings of light, the layers of the rings of light simply increased and surrounded her. The speed at which Margaret was using the purple light to subdue the rings of light was far inferior to the speed at which the rings of light were created.

In theory, it was still impossible for Margaret to escape from the black stone.

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