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   Chapter 1675 The Emerald Dream

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Although Janet was worried, her face did not reveal it.

As a member of the Ji Clan, she could not do or say anything to displease and disappoint her clan members.


the flame kitten in her hand meowed softly.

She had explored for treasures in the Hall of Causality, but in the end, she only duplicated and received a flame kitten. This had resulted in her being ruthlessly scolded by her father. How could she dare to speak up now?

In short, the members of the Ji Clan were still optimistic about their chances.

Warriors in the universe estimated that Zen's strength was equal to that of an ace talent. However, Lucille and Cindy were both top ace talents. The power they possessed rivalled that of the Godly Genius, and they were also capable of showcasing their internal momentum. Thus, in their eyes, Zen was still far from able to contend with them.

The only troublesome matter pertained to the Saint Killing Spear.

The stone was lightly placed on the board.

As it landed, Cindy saw Zen not far away from her. With her lips pursed, she gently grasped her long dress in one hand as if crossing a stream. She carefully jumped down from the stone, her face slightly flushed.

Anyone who saw her could tell that she was a little nervous.


Cindy nodded at Zen as a form of greeting.

Those who did not know Cindy were visibly confused.

This woman did not look like she was stepping onto the battle ring, but instead it was like she was going on a blind date. Was there really a need to be so courteous and nervous?

However, Cindy had always been like this. Lucille, Nathan, and the other warriors who knew her well enough were used to it.

She was shy and reserved, but her behavior was always rather confusing.

However, her true strength was unmatched.

"Hello." Upon seeing his opponent greet him in such a manner, Zen was a bit stunned.

However, if others were polite to him, he paid his respects too. He bowed to Cindy with cupped hands.

"Do you like peach blossoms..." Cindy was blabbering. She blushed, clearly nervous.

Standing on top of the stone, Margaret's mouth twitched when she saw the scene. "Is this woman insane? What does she mean by that? Why is she so shy?"

Rocher wore a smile on his face and did not utter a word.

This time, Zen was also a bit speechless. However, he still forced a smile and said, "Peach blossoms fall like red rain. They are very beautiful. I, of course, like them..."

"Hmm." Cindy pursed her lips and nodded. "I like them too..."

Zen smiled slightly. He stared at the attractive woman in front of him and asked, "And?"

"And..." Cindy thought for a moment before continuing, "I like peach blossoms because of a dream I had not so long ago. I could share it with you!"

"What will you share with me?"

"My dre

ant that she was close to the Dream Godly Way.

In the Emerald Dream, Cindy was omnipotent and in control of everything.

"Zen has been unlucky this time. He became Cindy's opponent in his first round of elimination itself..."

"Cindy is omnipotent in her dream. Her position in the dream is like the status of the heavens in the universe. If Zen can't see through it, he will not be able to defeat her!"

"Zen is in danger..."

Supreme Lord Healum said flatly. Yolande, who stood beside him, looked worried. She wondered if Zen would be eliminated this time.

Cindy, who stood opposite Zen, wielded the wooden sword in her hand to casually hack at the falling peach blossoms, as if playing with them.

As for Zen, he looked even more wary.

"So beautiful, right?"

Cindy, who had been shy at the beginning, looked confident and outgoing in the Emerald Dream. Her pair of bright eyes were enticing, her face pretty and alluring. She glanced around leisurely, looking as beautiful as a fairy.

"Do you mean the person or the peach blossoms?" Zen asked.

Cindy giggled as she covered her mouth, and then said, "Of course I mean the peach blossoms! Aren't they beautiful?"

Zen lifted the Saint Killing Spear and stared at Cindy. "Be it the peach blossoms, or be it you... Both are beautiful."

"If only we would stay in this dream forever," Cindy said, sighing happily.

"It is beautiful here, but it is just a dream. Why should we linger in this illusion?" Zen asked seriously.

"But you have no choice," Cindy said abruptly.

"That might not be true!"

In fact, their battle began when Cindy had started to arrange the dream.

Suddenly, Zen thrust the spear forward.

However, Cindy only reached out with her index finger and touched the tip of the spear.

The Saint Killing Spear, which could destroy nearly everything, was halted by Cindy's finger.

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