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   Chapter 1674 Cindy Ji

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Zen, who was standing beside the Heaven Earth Board, exchanged gazes with Rocher and nodded slightly. He too was looking forward to the battle with Rocher.

He could tell that the Rocher in front of him was very different from the Rocher he had known before. Rocher had changed completely, as if he had been reborn. Since Zen wasn't familiar with this side of Rocher, the outcome of their battle would be uncertain.

But at this moment, Zen was thinking about another problem.

If the evolution of the Heaven Earth Board symbolized the fate of the universe, what did Rocher defeating Xenia from the Celestial Position mean?

Looking at the surface of the board now, Zen saw that all the stones were in complete chaos and each of the warriors had occupied a place of their own.

This scene made Zen fall into deep thought.

Many people in the universe were watching this game and deducing its outcome.

In the beginning, the big dragon that had been formed by the line of white stones had seemed unbreakable, like an iron rod.

But not long after, the white stones, which had been the definite, had continuously made wrong moves, which had given the black stones, the variable, an opportunity to take advantage and fight back.

As a result, the board was a mess. Whether it was the definite or the variable, they all occupied a small foothold. However, because of this, the game was in a deadlock.

"This game represents the current state of affairs in the universe!"

"As I see it, that giant dragon is referring to the humans of the past!"

"That is quite possible! Humans are the only ones who are thriving like a big dragon. They have almost unified the entire universe!"

Many powerful masters began to analyze the situation on the board based on their own understanding.

In the early era of the universe, there had been a great war that had lasted hundreds of millions of years.

During the war, all the races in the universe had formed alliances.

In the end, the human race had emerged victorious.

Under the leadership of Supreme Lord Salman, a new chapter began for the universe—the "golden age" of the human race!

If humankind had continued to flourish, the other races in the universe wouldn't have had a chance to survive at all.

However, 30 million years after the golden age had begun, there had been internal strife within the human race.

It turned out that the human race wasn't as harmonious as it seemed to be. The oldest powers, the four great clans, had maintained their status as the ruling power of the human race, and each of them was equivalent to a divine kingdom.

But when conflict broke out, Supreme Lord Salman was killed, and the universe saw the rise of Supreme Lord of Original Sin and Supreme Lord of Oracle. The originally united human race split into three great powers: Humanity Alliance, Thoughtless Minds, and Blessed Buddha Land.

This balance of power had been maintained until now.

And because of the conflict among the three great powers, the speed of the human race's growth had slowed down. On the other hand, the Demon Night race and the ogre race were constantly on the rise.

So, with this knowledge, it made sense for everyone watching to compare the

ould finish her sentence, the fair-skinned hand grabbed the stone under her feet and placed it on the board.

Cindy lifted the hem of her dress and bashfully stepped onto the board.

Meanwhile, at this very moment, in the Ji Clan of the Thoughtless Minds, all of the members of the Ji Clan had focused their attention on Cindy Ji.

"Cindy's opponent is actually Zen?"

"She's lucky. Although this Zen is quite powerful, he doesn't have the strength to contend with a Godly Genius."

"He probably hasn't stepped into the Godly Way, but Cindy has already stepped halfway into the Dream Godly Way. Even if she were to just display the Emerald Dream, Zen would have no way to resist!"

There was only one person in the Ji Clan who was still standing in the picture. Since the battle in front of them was a battle of elimination, they naturally had to pay close attention to it. Cindy Ji was their only hope.

However, her opponent had turned out to be Zen, which they had never expected. Anyway, although they were surprised, they were confident that Cindy Ji would have no problem dealing with him.

In the eyes of most people in the universe, Zen possessed the strength of an ace talent. Although he had instantly killed Norvin of the ogre race, he hadn't relied on his own strength to achieve that. He had merely relied on the strength of his weapon to win.

However, no matter how powerful that Saint Killing Spear was, it shouldn't have much of an effect on Cindy Ji.

As such, all the warriors in the Ji Clan were very optimistic about this fight.

That was what everyone felt, except Janet, who was watching the scene with a frown on her face.

Janet had not made it through the second stage, so she had left the Illusion Battlefield and returned to the Ji Clan. Now, she was watching the competition on the Heaven Earth Board with the rest of the members of the Ji Clan.

"Oh, my God! Cindy's opponent is actually Zen…"

Among all the members of the Ji Clan, Janet was the only person who knew Zen's true strength. Since she had once fought in the Illusion Battlefield together with Zen, she knew that his strength was unfathomable.

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